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Brakes squeaking on my 08!

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by cliff08chevy, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. cliff08chevy

    cliff08chevy New Member

    I have a 08 silverado and it only has 35xxxx miles on it and the brakes are squeaking and i took it to the dealership and they told me its normal that they squeak and i find that are to beleave beacuse i know a buddy has a 08 and they never squeak and i also have a 04 and never had a problem. Has any one had this problem? And does anyone know what i can do to get this fixed?
  2. HondaTech

    HondaTech New Member

    I've got an 08' lt ext cab too. I have always had the squeaking noise. I just did my oil change and tire rotation. i checked the brake fluid and it was low. So I checked the rear shoes and there fresh. My problem is the front brakes. The left front inner pad(where caliper pistons contact) is at the sensor. The outer pad has about 6-7mm left(almost new). The right front brake pads are almost new too. Seems to be an issue with the calipers being stuck and sliders. The dealer also told me it was normal and that they have been doing many brakes on 07' newer vehicles with low mileage. I find this hard to believe since I am a tech and I have never seen brakes on a chevy truck wear down till 70k+ miles!

    My answer is to contact gm headquaters/corporate. Im doing this today.
  3. Farmerdave

    Farmerdave Rockstar 100 Posts

    I have had the same problem. Took it to the dealer 3 times and their fix didn't even last until I got home and they where squeaking again. So yesterday I couldn't stand it anymore and I took em apart to see what the deal was. Come to find out the dealer was putting some grease on the pistons hoping it would pull the pad away from the rotor to stop the squeaking well that worked for about 5 miles till the brakes got hot enough to burn the grease off. So What the problem was on my truck is the pads and caliper where froze up. I disassembled the brakes cleaned those stainless steal sliders (?) that the pads sit on and wire brushed everything really well pulled the pins that slide in and out on the caliper cleaned and re greased. After wire brushing, brake parts cleaning, and greasing with high temp grease its been 50 miles and no squeaking yet cross my fingers but my fix has lasted longer than the all of the times taking it to the dealer combined. So I Contribute it to the caliper and pads being froze up and not completely releasing from the rotor. I have also had extreme amounts of brake dust. How this helps. It has fixed my problem so far.
  4. HondaTech

    HondaTech New Member

    Farmerdave thats great news! That is exactly my issue on my brakes. The service consultant was telling me its normal but I contacted GM Corporate and currently waiting for them to refer me to another stealership. i will update later once I get this ressolved.
  5. Farmerdave

    Farmerdave Rockstar 100 Posts

    Ya Honestly I am pretty much done with the dealership. I am not sure what kind of mechanics they have working back their but my God this is ridiculous. I am a Civil engineer farm boy that grew up wrenching on farm equipment and I can figure out why my brakes are squeaking but a GM certified Mechanic cant? Another problem I have been having is with my tire pressure gauge thing. It hasn't worked right since I bought the truck and they have had it three times to fix it and every time I get it back it still isn't fixed. Does anyone know how you can disengage it?
  6. cliff08chevy

    cliff08chevy New Member

    I am dealing with the same thing i have taken my truck to 3 diffrent dealships about 2 times each and they said it was mercury build up. So what they said they did was they cleaned the pads and they said that would fix it so about 300 miles they started again. Plus they said it was the back brakes and i know that the sound wasnt coming from the back it was the front. After i drive around for a good 10 15 mins if you go to your front brakes feel how hott they are they are effin hott and i know that cant be normal.. let me know what yall find out guys thanks for the help..
  7. Farmerdave

    Farmerdave Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yes the side that was squeaking on my truck was also hotter than HELL when I took it apart and the other side was warm to the touch. I had to wait a half an hour to work on it because it was burning my fingers. So I know its because the brakes are dragging and causing this.
  8. HondaTech

    HondaTech New Member

    Farmerdave, not sure what your state's lemon law policy is but I'm positive if the any repairs are not done and corrected the 3rd time under warranty, they may have to purchase your truck back. As far as turning the tpms (tire pressure monitor system) light off there is no way around it really.

    Cliff08chevy, The brake pads are semi mettalic so noise is gonna be there, but excessive noise should not be continuous. Seems like you've been in ang out of dealers to much. They should have replaced oyur rotors and pads under warranty or a good will assuming you have had the issue from beginning and it is still under factory warranty. Brakes are a wear and tear item so most dealers will fight you. In my case my calipers are frozen and the brake bias is not balanced. But I've had this squeaking brakes since 1k miles. My suggestion is call GM corporate.

    I will let you guys know my outcome. A district manager is suppose to comtact me within 24hrs.
  9. cliff08chevy

    cliff08chevy New Member

    See thats what they said they did that they replace the back ones beacuse they said it wasnt the front it was the back so i said ok well about 200 miles go and they start again so i knew it wasnt the back so i took it back and they told me it was build up on the pads and that it is normal so i got into it with the jackasses up there and took it to a diffrent dealership and they said they replace the front and they worked good for about 600 miles if thast then they start to make noises again then they try to tell me i brake to much. so i laughed ive have 1994 and a 2005 also and never had a problem.
  10. HondaTech

    HondaTech New Member

    Here it go's guys. I contacted gm corporate and we set up an appointment with a local dealer. I dropped my truck off and a few hours later the service advisor had called and said they resurfaced my rotors and installed new pads. Great I said. He said they did it as a good will gesture. I asked him if they found out the reason why my brakes were wearing out odd. He said it was the sliders being dry from factory and its under warranty. So then my thoughts are it is a warranty job and not a good will gesture like he said but it sounds better of course to customers when you here the word "goodwill". When i picked it up I noticed the rotors looked sanded, not resurfaced but took his word for it and drove on my way.

    Round 2, After driving for 20 miles I get a pulsation from the brake pedal and lots of vibration in my steering wheel. Cause is a uneven/smooth rotor not properly remachined. So i call them on monday and leave a message. He calls me the next day so I drop my car off a week or so later. The warped rotor is now unbearable. I then ask for the rotor specs before and after from the previous service and it was tolerable. I did not tell him I checked the spec's myself but had a feeling that the spec's he gave me was incorrect and just #'s they created up. So now my silverado is ready for pick up and they replaced my rotors under warranty.

    Conclusion, Im tired of dealers trying to rip off customers and saying that things are normal when I, being in the automotive business for many years know that my situation is not normal. A simple call to corporate and knowledge was the only way I was able to have them do repairs under warranty. I in no way was trying to pull a fast one and work the system, just wanted them to correct an issue which had been there from the first day I purchased my silverado. Im happy with the out come but now have a squshing skeaking sound in my brake pedal. There gonna hate me even more now! I love my silverado!

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