Brakes won't stop squeaking.

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by jwlurie, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. jwlurie

    jwlurie New Member

    I got a good deal on a 2004 Suburban 2500 with 8.1L to pull my camper. When I bought it, it had 67,000 miles on it and no squeak in the brakes, but a vibration. New pads, new shoes, no vibration. But, it started squeaking. I took it back, the mechanic said there was heat damage and he replaced the pads free of charge. I hadn't towed the camper, so there was no reason for heat damage. I took the truck to another mechanic, and he said he didn't see any heat damage. He put on high end pads and said that should take care of it. But, after a couple hundred of miles, they have started squeaking. It is extremely loud and embarrassing, especially when going through a drive-thru or looking for a camping spot.

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! I plan to take this back to the shop but thought I might have some suggestions this time other than Chevys aren't known for having good brakes.
  2. JMoney02

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    Squeak in the fron or rear? New pads, no rotor/drums turned? Should have been, pads are wearing in to the previuos score marks from the old pads. 67K miles should have the rotors turned,aka. the vibration now the new pads have adopted the problem. What type of pads were put on, some semi-metacllic pads will squeak, but stop better....Not sure where your info comes from about bad Chevy brakes, but I have not heard of millionms of complaints about them.......Take the truck back and have them start from the beginning, cut the rotors/drums also.....

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  3. jwlurie

    jwlurie New Member

    Thanks Jeff, they did turn rotors but the squeak returned anyway. I had some issues with brakes on my GMC pickup, and they ended up having to replace everything down to the cylinders before all issues were resolved. I was hoping to avoid a $500 repair. But, that truck will stop itself and the camper on a dime.

    The pads the last guy put on are ThermoQuiet. He assured me they were some of the best, and he didn't charge me for them. They do stop great, no vibration at all, just squeak a lot. I was just wondering if it was something I have to learn to live with or there might be something he's missing.
  4. tbplus10

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    Buy a can of brake cleaner and liberally hose down the rotors and pads. Better pads are made from a more dense material that can at times cause brake squeaks.
  5. tlperry68

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    Also try to pick up squeak stop. It's a little bottle right next to the break cleaner. I'm sure it's a temporary fix.
  6. JMoney02

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    No, you should not have to live with squeaks, this is not what the new breaks are all about. Try the break cleaner, he may have left some film or oils/debrie from his hands when he installed the pads, this can happen. The Squeak Stop is only temporary, will return with this liquid....

  7. bbk28

    bbk28 New Member

    ive heard sand paper on the rotors helps somewhat but i used brake cleaner and silencer between the cylinders and the pads and my brakes dont squeal at all!

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