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    i know this is a gm forum site but i need some help, my dad has a 99 jeep grand cherokee lorado 4x4, today he was making his normal trip from my house to his in north ga, and his brakes started to pulse without him touching them, he slammed on the brakes and it stopped. well about an hour later the jeep started to act like it had a huge load on the engine so he pulled off the road to realize the back passenger side brake had locked up. so he took a screw diver and pried the caliper back out and took off up the road and in about a 10 mile span the front passenger side brake locked up and ripped of the pads. he said his abs light came on when it locked up... my question is could the abs module be bad or just the abs sensors. hes 4 hours away and its hard for me to go up and check it... HELP PLEASE
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    come on guys i know theres someone on here that knows a little bit a bout a chrystler/jeep/dodge product. im doing this cause im trying to help him out, being retired and only drawing 1,100 bucks a month retirement is a rough budget. PLEASE HELP
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    Can they get a hold of a scanner to scan for ABS codes. Also I think you can disconnect the ABS module, until you figure out what is going on. He will properly needs new caliper, rotor & check bearings. Depends on how hot it got.
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    well everdently after searching the site the abs modules are notorious for going out, but it dont make any sense that the brakes would lock up tho. it, seems like if the module was bad it would fall into a fail safe mode. did tell him to unplug the module the first time he pulled over and it seem to make it worse. he did get a rollback to come get the jeep. i know he is going to need two new rotors and get the other two turned and replace all four pads.

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