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    I have a 1997 Chevy S-10 FWD and when I brake normally you can't tell anything is wrong, but if I have to stop in an emergency it won't stop until it coasts another 20 feet or so. Gets scary! I replaced the master cylinder and bled the brakes but it didn't help. Any ideas?
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    Check your Brake Booster. Sometimes, especially on GM vehicles they will develop a minor leak, which will give you a 'vague' feeling at the pedal. It can sometimes also cause rough idle if it gets bad enough. One thing I have noticed in diagnosing this, is while pressing down hard on the brake pedal (while in park) you can notice a change in idle speed and sometimes hear a whistling or hissing sound in the cab. GM has never been known for having IMO very good brake pedal feed back. It seems like it's all or nothing, with brake pedal feel or modulation.

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    i would also check the pads and rotors/drums to see if there is any oil that has gotten on them and also to see if the rotor are glazed. have had this on past motorcycles and sometimes they just need a simple brake job. the last time that i have seen this the pads looked to be in good shape, but upon disasembly discovered hard spots on the pads, i replaced them and had rotors turned and that took care of the problem. hope this helps

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