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  1. makthenif

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    when i step on the brakes, i noticed that the pedal is getting lower and lower to the floor. what is causing this problem? any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
  2. 84fiero123

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    Lets see,
    air in the lines,
    Brake pads are wearing out,
    You don’t say what you are driving, age, mileage, without a little more info it is hard to do anything but guess.

    Could you be a little more specific.
  3. Cableguy

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    Pedal fade is usually rears but inspect front and rear. Do a fluid bleed. Should bring pedal right back up. Git 'R' Done!
  4. makthenif

    makthenif Member

    this post is for '96 Suburban 5.7.
  5. classic79

    classic79 New Member

    do you mean as you step on the pedal it continues to slowly go to the floor? If so that would indicate a leaky wheel cylinder(s) or master cylinder. Check rear wheels first for any signs of brake fluid leaking out of wheel cylinders if none replace master cylinder.
  6. unplugged

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    Contaminated brake fluid

    If the fluid in the master cylinder looks brown, you may have contaminated brake fluid. I had this happen on a tow vehicle many years ago. On a downgrade the water in the lines boiled and the pedal went to the floor. After letting it cool off, the pedal felt fine.
    From: 10mostwantedcarkillers
    [​IMG] Service need: Brake fluid becomes oxidized and contaminated over time and use. Heat and moisture cause corrosion on parts and brake fluid failure. This causes a spongy brake pedal and shows up in discolored brake fluid.

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