brand new 2016 colorado wish me luck

Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by 2016colorado, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Today was one week since i drove my brand new 2016 Colorado off the lot, and I found myself on the side of the road waiting to be towed to the dealer due to numerous "stabilitrak/traction control" failures. Engine power was reduced to 25 mph and would not go over that. I am not happy. Spoke with GM while waiting for a tow expressing my displeasure in being forced to miss work and having to take the truck to the shop after one week. The GM rep said they would work with the dealer to get to the bottom of it. Anyone else ever had an issue like this right out of the gate? It was definitely crazy to be doing 60 mph and have the thing start alarming and drop down to 25 mph. Luckily no one was behind me. First chevy i have owned in over 15 years and I hope i didn't make a mistake....
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    Welcome to The Club. Sorry to hear about your problem. Keep us posted. I was thinking about buying a Canyon.
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    Sorry to hear this too but its a machine like all others and comes with a warranty for awhile so that things like this can be cared for. I've seen this happen on other makes as well. You would think it would go for more than a week without failure but we are in the semi complicated age of electronic control and there is no guarantee the electrons will line up when commanded to do so. ;) Hang in there.
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  5. 2016colorado

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    Update: Got the truck back from the shop yesterday. It ended up being a "faulty connector". Wire was broken off at APP sensor. They replaced the connector and soldered to repair the wires. So far no errors today. Hopefully this resolves it and I can get back to trying to enjoy my new Colorado. Thanks for listening and responding.
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    Hopefully you will see no further difficulties, my 2015 (21,000 mi) has not had a single complaint from me although there have been a few recalls for minor stuff.

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