Brighter than stock light bulb selection question. 2003 Suburban

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by ElbowJoe, Nov 28, 2010.

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    OK..... 1st post and a fairly simple question. I have searched the posts here before I sent this and did not see anything specific about this subject. I have a 2003 Suburban and modified the lighting so that all forward facing white lights are on when I turn on the brights. Wow! What a difference this has made. (Nifty mod can be done for very little cost using diodes.) However, now I would like to kick this up a notch. I am running all stock light bulbs in my lows, fogs, DRLs, and high beams. I would like to get a brighter bulb in at least my lows and highs - but possibly fogs and DRLs as well without breaking the bank. I researched the PIAA sight and found they offer some nice bulbs but little comparison info to help with this choice. I do not like the blue/white bulbs and would prefer a brighter white light. PIAA has a 9000 Series Intense White bulb (9005 and 9006 type) that may be worth considering but I am wondering how it compares with others (Sylvania SilverStars or other PIAAs for example) and if I should be concerned about overdrawing the wiring - especially with the mod I made. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to go the route of expensive HID bulbs, just kick up the OEMs brightness a notch. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! :happy:

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    Welcome to the GMTC!!!!! I haven't personally used any of the PIAA bulbs you stated, but I have Silverstar Ultras in my low beams and wow, what a difference they make over the stock bulbs. People flash their high beams at me just with my low beams on. You should be fine with the wiring and most likely won't overdraw. If you still want to go brighter, you can get a good quality HID conversion kit for around $40 from here: I have a 55w kit in my off road lights and they're bright as hell. DDM tuning has a lifetime warranty on all of their HID kits as well.
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    x2! Sylvania makes good stuff for the price. Also yes don't worry about overdrawing. Getting a brighter bulb won't mean drawing more power. Just means its better made!
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    I would NOT recomend Xenon bulds. I have had them in the past in my old blazer and it felt like every 3 months one of them would burn out. I have heard very good things about the Slyvania bulbs. Let us know what you go with.
  7. ElbowJoe

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    Thanks to all who replied. I will be checking into the Sylvania SilverStars. It appears they are less expensive than the PIAAs but more importantly - most feedback I could find dealt with Sylvanias - so I figured this was a sign of a popular and well performing product. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!!
  8. MPC-Silverado

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    I am a dealer for Halo and PIAA. personally love the HALO lights and would reccomend them to anyone.

    I just installed them in my high beams the other day. here is my black friday add, the pic is of my truck and i have tinted headlights. they are much brighter and get rid of that brown or yellowish looking stock light.

    ---------- Post added at 12:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:06 PM ----------

    I am still currently running this deal but the prices are

    $30 Platinum white (brightest)
    $27 Blue (whats installed on the truck in the picture)
    $27 Purple tint
    $35 Bright yellow

    if you order 2 set take off $4 each set
    if you order 3 sets take off $5 each set
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    Just a quick update in case anyone is interested. After further investigation, I ended up going with PIAA Intense White low and high beam bulbs. My research indicated that the Sylvania SilverStars may have shorter life than the PIAAs. Not sure if this is the case - but I guess I will find out. Installed them tonight and I am very pleased. No bluish color - just super bright white light. Problem now is that my driving lights look yellow in comparison. Oh well - maybe next paycheck....

    Thanks to all who chimed in!

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