Broken hood release cable

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by bluecow24, May 20, 2009.

  1. bluecow24

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    Hello, back with another problem. It seems something has happened to the hood release cable on the Burb. It worked the last time with no issues and when we tried to pop the hood last night you can only hear the cable moving somewhere between the cab and front hasp. How hard are they to repair and any idea what the easiest way is to get in there?

    On a separate note, if you have a black vehicle like ours we found a great product to put on it that restores the black and removes a good bit of swirl marks left from others. Picked up a box of the new Turtle Wax Black Box, all of the items included have a black pigment in them which really does make a vehicle look amazing when done. We tried it on the Porsche a couple weeks ago and the rain bead is amazing and even though it has a bit of dust on it right now the shine is still coming through. It does take a few hours to complete but I found it well worth it so far and wanted share.
  2. JMoney02

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    These buggers are a real challange to correct, especially trying to remove the broken one. The replacement is snaking from outside to inside the cab and removing it in reverse order. Do not get any kinks in it, so try and keep it in the same placement and direction it was..... If you can see it through the grille you can cut it to a decent length, peel back some of the sheath and pull the cable inside with a pair of pliers to release it,like I said a real test of humanity....

  3. TMRuiz

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    If it's a newer burbon you might be able to pull the inner fender well out a bit to give you a little more room to get to the cable. Hope it all works out and you can get in to it.
  4. 2COR517

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    Are you sure the cable is broken? Mine has done what you're describing. Had to bang on the hood "Fonzie style":glasses: to get it to open. You may have to keep pulling the release inside. Easier with two people. If this is it, lubricate the entire latch assembly well. It may take a couple of treatments to get it to work properly.

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