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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Landslide, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Well I pretty much chewed up the little bitty ball bearings that are inside of my auto locking hubs,'90 'burb 4x4 by the way, and I was thinking of replacing the auto hubs with manual locking hubs, yes I know all yhe advantages of auto locking hubs but from what I have gathered talking to some hard core off roaders manual locks are much stronger and more reliable. Heres my question can I put manuals in place of my autos and will that screw anything up?
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    Check with Warn they used to sell a kit to convert from auto to manual hubs.
    A few years back this was one of the most popular conversions done on any 4wd truck, most guys that bought trucks in that era didnt trust the auto hubs at all.
    Auto hubs had little issues like not wanting to lock in when they got iced up where manual hubs could be rocked back and forth and usually locked in.
    The conversion is a straight forward job that can be done in a few hours with basic hand tools (for your model truck, solid axle).
    Ok so I am a little biased as I'm a reformed fanatical off-road nut but even for a casual off-roader manual hubs are a better way to go.
  3. Not only a reliability issue but every one that I have spoken to that has done this with the solid front axle rigs has seen an increase in gas mileage. Unless you are constantly switching back and forth into four wheel drive the inconvenience of getting out and switching over isn't too bad.
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    I have a '91 V1500, which originally came with the auto hubs. They were replaced with manual hubs quite a while ago. Not only are they stronger, I can run low range with 2wd and got rid of the parasitic power loss from the front diff having to spin in 2wd. Granted, it can be a pain to have to get out and manually lock the hubs once in a while, but it was an easy swap, and well worth the time and money. Good luck!

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