Broken leaf spring repair

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by ty052003, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. ty052003

    ty052003 New Member

    Hey all!

    I've got a 2003 Silverado 1500 with a broken left rear leaf spring. I looked around the forum to see if there were any repair suggestions but I couldn't find any.

    My question is can I use an Add A Leaf to repair the broken spring (its the helper spring) as long as I do the same thing to both sides?

    The dealership wants 150 bucks each for the leaf spring assembly and said that I had to install them in pairs (which I can see the reason). There has just got to be a more cost effective way than to spend $300 bucks on one individual broken leaf.

    I've checked junk yards too, they all want at least a 100 to 120.

    Any ideas or suggestions.
  2. nickgiacalone

    nickgiacalone Rockstar 100 Posts

    my buddy drove around for over a year with a broken leaf spring on his f-250...i guess thats an idea if your not hauling or towing
  3. Jimmiee

    Jimmiee Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I would buy a used leaf spring and replace the broken leaf. If there's a spring shop near you or a 4X4 shop they will have used leaf springs laying around.
  4. zubbiez

    zubbiez Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Check the yellow pages for a spring shop theyll sell you them in pairs or singley Ive only had two brokens spings in my life and only replaced the broken one.while Im no auto technician I had never heard of having to replace both at the same time. unless you been hauling pallets of brick around every day since you bought the truck.
  5. ty052003

    ty052003 New Member

    I'll check around and see. I hardly haul anything with the truck so I don't know how I got a broken leaf. Everyone I talked to says yeah they see broken leaf springs all the time on semi's, not on 1/2 tons.

    We'll see. I thought about taking it out and see what happens.

    Thanks for all the help and quick replies. I really appreciate it.


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