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  1. Coach24

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  2. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    ?????????? Not working...
  3. ejohnson03

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    Just remember...

    There is a fine line between rubbing lotion on yourself, and rubbing yourself with lotion...

    Wait, what? That's not what you were talking about?

    Never mind...
  4. Crawdaddy

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    Coach, please fix your link.
  5. tbplus10

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    Coach WTH is that? I'm old I dont understand code language anymore.
  6. Jeremy09LTZCrew

    Jeremy09LTZCrew Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Coach should lay off the sauce....
  7. Coach24

    Coach24 Rockstar 3 Years 5000 Posts

    Attempting to repair or destroy. Was a good article with video but not sure what happened. I will work on trying to fix tomorrow. My apologies. But some pretty funny stuff was posted.:neutral:
  8. Dirty Dog

    Dirty Dog Member 2 Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    :glasses: looks like internal code for a widget,,,, but then i always thought a widget was one of those little off round balls found in cans of Guinness beer....

    I am not sure if this site will let you imbed/link widgets on it, or the site you are trying to borrow it from will let you,,,, just a guess though
  9. Jaele

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  10. Coach24

    Coach24 Rockstar 3 Years 5000 Posts

    Thank for the assist [MENTION=51708]Jaele[/MENTION]. I kept trying but not sure what I did wrong. Appreciate the help given to this old dog still attempting to learn this electronic stuff.

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