Bug deflector/back wings for Tahoe/yukon

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Chevrolade, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Chevrolade

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    Is there any real purpose for those wind deflectors on the front of all the Suburbans, tahoe's and Yukons? I still see so many with cracked windshields , with or without the deflector.

    About the rear wing that i see attached above the rear hatch, does this really keep th rear window cleaner and save fuel?? i have been told both but then i was told by one guy he thinks it created more drag and turbulence at the back.. so any input is great on these subjects THANKS!
  2. daddytech

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    the deflectors that you add on to the front of the tahoe's, Yukon's and Escalade's are for bug deflection and small rocks not wind. the only thing that will keep the back of your truck clean is ground effects on the rear or mud flaps because all the road grime and dirt that comes up on the rear of these vehicles is from your own wheels not blown over from the roof. the rear wing shouldn't hurt the truck at all if yours has one. as long as it's one of the ones mounted horizontally at the very top of the truck. the ones they used to attach on the glass it's self that were paralell to the glass I only see those as extra wind drag and dust collectors because that's the only real benefit I could see being gained from those . Hope I didn't mis understand the question you were asking and hope this helped.
  3. Stargazer

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    In my experience with hood deflectors, they only protect the hood from rock chips--which is not a bad thing. Well, it might be bad if you bought it to protect your windshield--because it won't :money:.

    I think the rear spoilers on the Tahoe/Yukon aren't large enough to be anything but cosmetic but I've had other SUVs with bigger ones. The theory is that the spoiler creates a vortex behind the vehicle that allows faster air to travel over and increase fuel economy--kind of like what happens with a pickup truck with its tailgate up:


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