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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by fish4funjb, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    Has anyone else installed the AVS NBS Bug Shield? I did this and at 70 mph I get a windshield slapping noise. This is the most annoying thing I have heard yet with my truck. ANyone else have this installed and get these noises?:grrrrrr:
  2. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    Does anyone have a different type of bug shield? If so doe sit make any crazy wind noises on your window?
  3. Stouffer

    Stouffer New Member

    I just installed the weatehrtech bug shield on my 08 Silverado and get the same noise. It starts at about 63 mph.
  4. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    That's it the slapping on the wind shield side almost as if someone is tapping on it. The only thing I can see is the guards on the glass. I am going to tape them down and test it just to see if that is the culprit making the noise.
  5. sean84

    sean84 New Member

    I put a GM bug shield on mine and I have no issues at all.
  6. ibmoses

    ibmoses New Member

    Use some masking tape to find the culprit.
    Place the tape over the molding where it runs along the windshield(A pillar posts) and see if that is where the noise is coming from.

  7. jmrich22

    jmrich22 New Member

    wind noise

    I dont know if this is the problem but I remember on some of the 99-07 trucks that the weatherstrip around the windshield would flap after installind bug deflector. Easy fix fs this is it----just get some type of black silicone some parts store have stuff just for windows. Use some masking tape just below weatherstripping and lift up the stripping and apply some silicone and thats it

    Also just as somebody has said the tape works great to narrow down what is causing problems
  8. ibmoses

    ibmoses New Member

    Thats what mine was doing also, on the pass side. The dealer just glued it down, like you suggested.

  9. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    Another member sent me a PM that had the fix that GM uses with there new Bug Shields. They include 3m weather guard tape to go under the side plastic moulding. There are a couple of Torx screws that hold the window guards down. You loosen those to be able to get under the plastic then apply the tape. I am going to try it this afternoon to see if it stops. AVS should include this in there kit, I think.
  10. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    Huh, that would be annoying, where is the noise coming from, the whole thing or is part of it hitting metal?
  11. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    Actually comes from the little Plastic tabs that run down the windshield on the right and left side. VERY annoying at speeds over 60mph.
  12. smainsw

    smainsw New Member

    I have GM bugshield installed on mine before I bought the truck, no noises what so ever.
  13. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    This is for NBS trucks and Tahoes. I actually put some 3M tape under the plastic strips and it fixed the issues. I pulled the plastic strips up and put 3m under where you cannot see it.
  14. dbobrow

    dbobrow New Member

    AVS Bug Sheild

    Okay, I just put one on and the noise was driving me insane! I had to take it off to make sure that was the culprit and not the trim around the windshield. It is DEFINATELY the bug shield. Going in the garbage!
  15. adidasboy918

    adidasboy918 New Member

    If you're going to trash it send it to me and I'll give it a try if it's for the NBS trucks.:lol:
  16. Heineken

    Heineken New Member

    Are we aling about the bug deflector that attaches to the bootom of the hood or the wind deflectors that attach to the outter doors? I only have the AVS bug deflector. I drove to Vegas from Colorado Springs over the summer and it was as quiet as a pop-corn fart:rofl:
  17. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    It is the AVS Bug shield that connects to the bottom of the hood. I finally was able to get it to stop by applying 3M tape under the plastic tabs on the left and right of the wind shield. It is as quiet now, and doesn't sound like popcorn at all LOL.
  18. dbobrow

    dbobrow New Member

    AVS Bug Shield Noise

    Can you take a couple of pics and post so I can see exactly where to place the 3M tape? Also, what kind of 3M tape did you use?


  19. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    I'll try to do it tomorrow at lunch.
  20. fish4funjb

    fish4funjb New Member

    Here is a pic of the left trim that makes the noise on NBS 2007 Silverado. The right side is the same way. I pulled both up and placed automotive 3M tape underneath. You really cannot tell unless you point it out.

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