Building a 383 stroker for my 96 express Hi top conversion van, how to make it AWD?

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by chucksrt, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. chucksrt

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    I bought this van with a blown engine. After doing some research I found it was cheaper for me to buy all new parts rather than have my old parts machined! So I bought a summit bare block .030 over and already modified for the stroker, I went with Scat and got their 9000 series rotating assy w/forged pistons and floating pins. The heads were the same scenario, To have them machined was an arm and a leg so I found that Patriot Performance had a pair of aluminum heads (vortec design still) that were modified with larger valves and already had screw in rocker studs and valve springs able to handle up to a .550 lift. Part #2169 from summit. went with a comp cams roller cam for truck use and new roller lifters and roller rockers. It should run good when it is all together. Headers were the toughest thing to find!! No one makes them for this van (long tube ones that is) But I found That Doug Thorley makes a pair that are for a bus that are based off of the express chassis. So now That everything is moving in the right direction I would like to find info on how to convert it to AWD!! not finding much on line!! Anyone thought to do this before and have a source for parts or part numbers that can help do it? Thanks Chuck
    PS I just found this forum and already love the topics being posted!!:party:
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    Welcome to the club. Check out
  3. stephan

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    Welcome to the club Chuck. Dualdj has a van that he's moddin. You might pm him if he doesn't respond to this thread
  4. chucksrt

    chucksrt New Member

    Thanks Guys!!! I did look into Quigleys but it seems they only mod new cars or used cars up to 50,000 miles. By reading their site it sounds like they do the kit. I would love to find a wrecked AWD one but I don't think that is going to happen! My guess is that the main hard part would be the engine cradle bc in has all of the provisions to mount the front axle. I am more excited to get the van back on the road but I would love to do the engine cradle while everything is out and then build my list of parts to complete it from there. I am hoping to make over 370hp to the wheels with close to or over 400 lb tq!
  5. 983_vanbuilder

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    That would be sweet to have 370+ HP in a van. Any update on this build?
  6. chucksrt

    chucksrt New Member

    I loved the van, my kidd loved the van but my wife hated it! I ended up selling it. It was fun while it lasted. If i had to do it again i would probably just buy a 6.2 drivetrain from an awd Yukon denali and call it a day.
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