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  1. chevytrucknutzo

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    I am going to build a set of really heavy duty jumper cables. I am making them out of 2/0 gauge or possibly 1 or 2 gauge welding lead. A good buddy of mine owns a welding shop. I was chatting with him about building a set of cables yesterday. He gave me about 50 ft of 2/0 for free!! He just had it sitting in storage in his shop for quite some time. The cable is freaking heavy! If I decide to make the cables with the 2/0 gauge lead I’m going to need some clamps. I have only found one company that has jumper clamps that big they are rated at 1200 amps and cost 97 bucks for one pair of clamps! Also how long would you make these cables? I could make them 25ft but I was thinking more like 15ft as lugging around 50 ft of 2/0 gauge cable would be heavy. However it would be nice for that situation where you could not get closet to the thing you where jumping. Plus how much amperage loss would be experienced over a 50ft circuit? Or would it not make a difference in reality with 2/0g cable?

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    I'd go with 25', that way they'd be more than long enough to park behind most cars and jump them. How often do you need to jump something? It's not like you'll be lugging them around every day, besides make the person getting the jump carry the cables, better to have to long than to short.
    With that size cable you shouldnt have a big power loss, at least not noticeable when jumping, maybe if you read them with a meter.
    When you assemble them make sure you tin the ends of the cables, this will stop any wire fraying and give you a better connection.
  3. SurrealOne

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    Make them as long as you can. A set of long, heavy-duty cables is rare and useful. At 2/0 AWG you're not going to have length worries. :)
  4. TMair

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    we have a set of exactly those, my dad made them several years ago, and we have NEVER had an issue with them not cranking anything we hooked them up to, and they are not all that bad to "lug" around, make them 25' and enjoy!!
  5. chevytrucknutzo

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    Cool thanks I'm going to go with 25 ft.

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