Built a 1972 C50 pickup, no working on a 1967 C50

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    The 72 is done but with my 67 C50 I am not keeping the old brakes and rearend. I am moving to late model F350 dually rear with disk brakes. 8 to 10 adapter with super singles I have 355x55x22.5's for the super single rims.
    On the 72 I worked for a month on the old massive drum brakes to get them working correctly. Not sure what I am doing for replacing the front axle so I can go to 8 lug and 10 lug converters with 22.5's. Any suggestions would be great.

    The 67 is the first photo below
    The 72 the first day I got it second
    The finished 72 follow

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