bully dog gt gas tuner

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  1. hey i have an 09 z71 crew cab with 10.5 inches of lift on 37 nitto mud grapplers does anybody have a bully dog gt tuner for a 09 are above chevy if so what do you think bout it hit me back asap please
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  2. the phantom

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    Ive got one and Im not impressed.. I havent used it on the performance tune but the moderate tune I cannot say as I noticed a difference. Couple nice things about it is that you can monitor live readings such as coolant and trans temp with a user set temp. alarm, battery voltage, and you can watch your mpg be different than your onboard computer(hmmm wich one is right?? usually off 2-3 mpg) It gives you an efficiency reading on your driving habits but I didnt care about that. If you need it to recalibrate the spedometer then it will work but If your going to spend the money on one I would look at others although I havent tried others so Im curious to other capabilities with other tuners.

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