Bully Dog Gt Vs Diablosport Trinity

Discussion in 'Programmers & Tuning' started by metalsystem761, May 21, 2011.

  1. metalsystem761

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    I am wondering if anyone had the same problem. I had gone from a triple dog to a trinity and was high disappointed. It's like diablosport did nothing but change my speed limit. And for the average customer I don't know how to do my own tune settings cause its a do it yourself programmer. After having it for almost a half a year. Took 2 months for the right updates to be on it so I could upload the STOCK or 87 tune on the programmer. Once I put loaded the 87tune it did nothing but change my speed limit. Bully dog I was able to change to a 93 tune and change my rev limit, speed limit, and transmission shift points which diablo doesn't offer which is crap. I'm deciding to go back to bullydog and get the bully dog gt

    In other words diablo wants u to pay 600 for the trinity then pay another 100 just for there custom tunes sooo 700 for the programmer just so it can work which 700? yeaah
  2. Welcome to the club. Have you coontacted Diablo? I've talked with guys that love there Trinitys. I do agree they should have waited to introduce the Trinity until they had all there updates.
  3. metalsystem761

    metalsystem761 New Member

    I have and got the latest updates but when it comes to questions like this for diablo its always left un answered. So i decided to go bk to bully dog since I know I can get a better tune and chance my transmission points.
  4. Have you made any adjustments beside installing the standard tune? I have a older '05 with a 5.3 and use the Preditor. I run the 87tune but I adjusted my LongTermFuelTrim's per Diablo's website and a few other things like added 100rpm's to idle. I think my truck runs better on the 87 tune than the 93 tune. I tried both tunes for three or four tankfulls and went with the 87. My be the quality of the 93 gas here in lower Alabama.
  5. metalsystem761

    metalsystem761 New Member

    It's just diablo won't help you do the parameters unless u buy there custom tune. I've tested it several ways for about 6 months and wasted alot of gas and still nothing compared to triple bully dog just crazy. So i fig I'll get the new GT.
  6. There website tells you how to adjust the settings. Let me go to there website and I'll be back here, give me a few minutes.

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    They have all the tuning info in the red letters. Adjusting LTFT's is under injector slope.
  7. ntbush83

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    I wish I could understand how to adjust them! It confuses me.
  8. Its really easy, just time consuming. If your serious about tuning the LTFT's let me know, its a long post.
  9. metalsystem761

    metalsystem761 New Member

    I was wondering about the LTFT is that on the offical website?
  10. I haven't looked at the Trinty myself but was told it was. I have a Preditor and it is on the site under injector slope.

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    If you haven't check out there Trinity forum.
  11. 06MonteSS

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    doing the injector slope adjustment is the same for the predator and the trinity... modify the tune, change the setting, reinstall the tune, etc...

    there's a full write-up on the site on how to do it...

    as for "their custom tunes", diablosport does not do custom tuning... they have a network of diablosport CMR custom tuners that provide custom tuning services... which is why custom tuning costs you extra.. .it's someones business doing custom tuning... it's not diablo doing it for you... do you work for free?? heh...
  12. metalsystem761

    metalsystem761 New Member

    Well I switched back to Bullydog and got the GT works much better.

    BALTHIS New Member

    ive got the trinity on my 2011 and it does pretty good, i run the 93 tune and ive had no problems other than 13mpg on the 4 lajne but i run 35s. i changed all the shift settings, and raised the rev lim. itl bark 2nd gear and runs pretty good< but i believe theres more still therer that could be unleased. it ran a 16.5 but i didnt turn the stability control off so it was kickin the traction controll on and off. ill take it back soon and run it in manual with the stability controll of it sould be a 15 sec truck all my buddies say its fast.
  14. metalsystem761

    metalsystem761 New Member

    Hello fellow chevy owners. Been awhile since I've been here. Well I've had the GT for awhile now and I still love it. I personally got nothing out of trinity other than a higher top end. But I never could figure the trinity out even with all the research me and my buddies did plus the ones that knew a little about custom tuning. But I'm a normal person who has no knowledge of things like that but for me the GT is awesome and I've beaten trucks with diablo. On my end personally.

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