Burban won't stay running

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 2002suburban, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. 2002suburban

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    So my Burban is turning over and I can hear the fuel pump turn on when I turn the key. The battery is fine but when it fires up it dies right out. I am alittle puzzled because I have lost the dome lights in the Burban. My security light comes on and stays on also. Anyone have something for me to try?
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  2. Ethan

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    Try giving it some gas as you start it, if it starts up and runs at like 1500 rpms, and after you hold it at 1500 rpms for a minute or two and starts to run on it's own after you let off, I'd suspect the ignition coil. It could also be any number of things, EGR valve sticking open, fuel pressure regulator stuck open, a computer problem ect...
  3. 2002suburban

    2002suburban New Member

    I tried to give it gas when I start it and it still dies out. I am going to take the air intake apart. But it figures that the Burb is parked outside and Northern Michigan this time a year is so much fun working on your truck outside. It also sounds like it is backfiring sometimes when it dies out. I don't get puzzled with trucks very often but has me confused.
  4. Ethan

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    How long has it been since you replaced the EGR valve? Sounds like its stuck open, flooding the cylinder with exhaust gas, prevent start up, and backfiring once you quit cranking.

    You could try disconnecting the EGR valve, block the hole in the intake, and crank it and see if it starts.
  5. dipstick

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    Classic symptom of security need to do a relearn.. if you have security light on well...
    Need to attempt to start .. turn key off.. then turn to on... let set for 15 minutes.. turn key off .. then start.
    Sometimes takes up to three time . should have info in your manual.
    Security shuts fuel pump off.

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