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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by kdr358, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. kdr358

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    I have an 89 suburban (throttle-body/fuel injection) 350 small block. I had the valves and head gaskets replaced about a month ago. A few days ago I noticed a "tick" coming from the motor. I went back to the shop that did it but on my way I noticed id accelerate a little hard and I would let of the gas and a puff of blue oil burnt smoke is coming out of the exhaust. long story short he said it was a bad lifter and would cost more to fix that than get a new motor. I noticed the tick getting slightly louder and now it seems as the truck is burning white and blue when I takeoff normally. and kinda fades to a faint blue then dissipates after 20mph. Is the motor on its way out? I dont know the mileage on it. Im going to guess around 150-160k I dont know when the original owner had it "re-built". But the majority of the blue smoke is whenever i let off the gas only after accelerating rapidly not flooring it but about half way down to 35-40. any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. bucklti

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    I would start off by doing a compression check. Then if all cylinders check out okay, I would pull the valve covers and check valve adjustment.
  3. Willie G

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    Back in the day, smoke on decelleration meant that the valve seals and/or guides were worn and allowing oil to get past them. Not unheard of at your mileage level.

    It's not a terribly hard fix, just time consuming - the seals can be replaced without removing the heads, the guides require a complete head teardown.

    Granted, it's annoying, but it's not usually something that HAS to be fixed immediately. You've got time to save up some cash, or find another motor if you like.
  4. kdr358

    kdr358 Member

    I just has The valves done when I had the head gaskets changed. and he should have replaced them But I think I will take it back and make them fix it. since he charged me almost 2,000.00 for new heads,head gaskets and a valve job.
  5. Willie G

    Willie G New Member


    You're right - I'd take it back, too.
  6. sruss

    sruss New Member

    Take that puppy back. If it wasn't doing it before you had the work done, it should not be doing it now. The valve job wasn't done right because now oil is getting into the combustion chamber.
  7. Chris Miller

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    If you do wind up having the valves done, just take the heads off and take them to the shop. It'll be a lot cheaper that way.

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