burnt hot side batt.cable to starter now my 1990 5.7L win't start???

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by 4x4, Jun 4, 2012.

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    A shop put a new starter on my 1990 1500 4X4 stepside and the hot battery cable going to the starter selonoid was leaning up against my exhaust manifold...My wife and i could smelled a light odor of burning but i thought it was just my brakes...as i drive for about 5 mins. i got on rt70..and could not go over 55mph....if i gave it gas the tranny would downshift and not pick up any speed at all...As I headed to my friends house who is a mechanic the trk made a loud backfire and stalled out......Luckily i was next to a gas station and only 3mins. from my friend place... He and another mechanic told me to try to start it and than told me to stop..I was told all kind of sparks were coming from down below near the starter...He used a strap on his Tahoe and pulled me into his garage ..Got it on the lift and the first thing they saw was my main battery hot wire going to the starter was burnt and the sparks were coming from there also it fried the starter selonid..Well, the next day the shop who put the starter in towed my truck some 45 miles and called me 2 days later last Friday and said they put a new starter on and it won't start....They said they did an ignition check and said the ignition module was bad...NOW, according to them the burning battery cable had nothing to do with the ignition module going bad...It just seems to me that everything was just fine until the starter was put in.......... could the cable short cause excessive heat or volts to the coil or ignition module??? I was told by voice mail Friday that my bill is $338.40 and they did me a favor and got the starter free under warranty...........But still charged me for the labor.......Now, i have to pay for a PAPA ignition coil $40.00 plus labor etc, etc, etc. Anyone who might know if the burnt battery cable could have caused this.....If not, I will just pay it...but i don't want to be taken advantage of...If u know what i mean....PS: did a search but could not find anything..thanks GREG O.
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    So when you say your hot cable was burnt, was it rubbing the bare cables on your manifold and causing the sparks? Because obviously those wire just need to touch something conductive that's grounded. But either way, yes, a short like this will cause a lot of heat and can melt a lot of things.
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    First thing, FIND ANOTHER MECHANIC! This guy is a thief. They should be covering the labor for any work that needs to be redone, as well as anything that doesn't work anymore, you already paid for it to be done right once already. Did they replace the damaged battery cable? That should have been free. Now go to a dealer, or another shop and ask them if a shorting Pos battery cable can kill an ignition module? If they are any good, they will ask how the vehicle stopped running, and will deduce that when you tried to get the truck to go faster, and it backfired and quit, that this is the moment when the module failed. Arcing cables reduce the available voltage, causing components to work harder with less power, this creats heat, and causes failures. Any good tech will tell you that anything that doesn't work after such a condition is repaired, is a direct result of the failed part. Your mechanic is just trying to get out of paying for his own mistakes. They live on the premise that every car means more money coming into the shop, but when they lie about what happened, in order to get someone else to cover their mistakes, they screw the customer, and fail to improve their own expertise. That electrical fire could have easilly ruined the vehicle computer, as well as burned the truck to the ground, or even worse. I did this to myself once, after installing a new set of headers. Drove half a block, and sfter turning a corner, it quit running, and started smoking. I pulled oveer, popped the hood, and saw a nice fire down by the starter. Disconnected the battery, towed it home, installed a new cable, [carefully this time!] and she fired right up. That was a mid eighties pickup with just an HEI ignition. I was lucky there was no more damage. Good luck to you. Let us know what happens.
    Brian L.
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    Burnt battery cable and bad ignition module

    After talking to a very, very good mechanic friend of mine i was told that he did NOT think the module was ruined by the burnt cable.....but, they should without charge replace the cable , starter, r&r free of charge......and hope they do it right b/4 my wife and i get seriously injured.......So thanks to all for your time and i will pay the $300+ dollars and getterdun.......GREG O.
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    I've worked on mobile electronics for over 8 years, gone to school for mobile electronics and now I'm going for my EE, I agree with the above. Shorted cable was not the cause of a bad ignition switch. First off, GM is known for bad ignition switches. We see it alllllll the time. Second, it's not too big of a fluke really to see a common problem surface during maintenance.

    The dealer should do labor and parts for free on the starter issue but unfortunately you wont get out of paying for a new ignition switch....

    Arc flashes (sparking) do not cause a reduction in voltage, they cause a maximum increase in current to ground (which would be your impedance or resistance) which causes an over-current protection device (fuse) to fail which eliminates voltage from the circuit completely.
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    If you want to pull out credentials and puff your ego up before you post an answer to the web, mabye you should consider a few things Zigger. First, there's always somebody more experienced. Second, all the creds in the world can't help if you don't listen. Finally, alienating people, by belaboring a minor point, is counter productive. In Short, FLUFF YOUR DUFF AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE, NOT MINE! The OP discussed an ignition module or brain box, NOT a switch. Clearly also you misunderstood what I meant, or you wouldn't be trying to argue about what arcing lines do to the charge state of a battery! But hey, what do I know, I'm just some hillbilly hiding behind a fake name and avatar, RIGHT! Best of luck GREG. I never said I was perfect, or always right, but I did try to help you for free. Guess I'll know better next time huh?
    Brian L.
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    It seems that the old story changed as we went along here. Like that old school game. I spoke with my nw dealership today and he firmly believes that the module was torched by the starter incident. he also agreed that all expenses should be born by the improper installer.

    Greg I would at least get a few more opinions befoe writing to your local BBB about this particular shop.

    Bets of luck and lets all try to have a good time here.
  8. zigger215

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    Lol settle down, it wasn't an attack or argument, it was just clearing up some info, anyone in the audio section of this form will tell you I'm not want to start anything or cause drama, just here to share in some knowledge (both receiving and giving) with fellow GM enthusiasts.

    I'm really confused? Don't take offense STX, none was meant I promise, you misunderstood me it seems or you took it personally.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2012
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    Well played, all too many times guys would blow up at a reply like his...And I'm not bashing STX in anyway because he is a great guy with A LOT of knowledge. Some things were taking the wrong way but I was preparing for a pissing match lol
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    Odd, I didn't read Zigger's reply as peacocking, at all. I'm not sure why STX did, as I just don't see anything troubling in that reply. However, I'm glad Zigger descalated it despite seeing him say nothing to warrant STX's excitement.

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