Buttons not lighting up on dash and steering wheel

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  1. chadizzle1987

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    I have an 04 silverado. I have the digital climate control. the fan speed button doesnt light up anymore. and i also have the steering wheel controls. two of those buttons dont light up anymore also. is there anyway to replace bulbs in those or do you just have to buy new buttons. seems like they went out soon. the truck is only 4 years old
  2. countryboy82

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    Dont know about the digital climate but the steering wheel buttons can be easily replaced. I just did it today just stick a screw driver betweeen the button and the wheel - wheel is soft and plyable- and pry it out then unplug the switch !Plug the new one in and your done ! Soo easy on a scale from one to ten its a one for sure about 40 $ canadian to buy the new switch.But you can just put a new bulb in Its al sodered in to the curcit board Hope this helps !
  3. pmf608

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    All these lights would be soldered to the circuit boards in their respective places. If you can take the climate control module and steering wheel buttons out and open them up, you just need this:

    1) you need a replacement bulb. A bulb this small I cannot find where I live. You may need to order it off the internet.

    2) Use a soldering iron and desoldering tool (optional) to remove the old lights.

    3) solder the new lights in their place.

    4) reassemble switches and climate control module.

    IF you wanted to really take it up a notch and are confident enough, you can buy a bunch of LED's and proper resistors and do a complete LED lighting swap. They look cool if you wanted to replace them all in blue or whatever, but you can get soft white too. The color may not match (or perfectly match if you use soft white), but with the lifespan of an LED, you would never have to worry about them burning out again. hope this helps.

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