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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by milligsc, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. milligsc

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    hi guys, first post here. I am looking at a 2004 silverado, V8 4x4 with 110,000 miles. Guy is asking $10k for it Truck looks great but I'm concerned about the mileage, I don't have much experience with the reliability of the Chevy's (have owned Fords up to now).

    At 110K how would you say the major components are on these assuming the required mainntenance was done. I don't mind doing some work but I'm wondering about drive train reliability overall.

    Any info appreciated.
  2. vncj96

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    Never assume that it was done, I could be wrong but $10k seems a little high check and then start looking on carsoup in your area for he same trucks and see what private party are asking, its a tough ecenomy right now, if the person really wants to sell it they will go lower. If you can find out if he is the original owner and start from the dealership it was purchased at to track its work.
  3. sheep

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    one of the best mechanics i know said that a "the good thing about a ford is that its easy to work on, the bad thing is that your always working on it" i talk to ford guys and even some of them will agree that they break alot.

    so compared to that a chevy will be extremly more reliable then a ford IMO. 10k does seem a bit steap for 110k miles take vncj96's advise and do your research and if you are really set on this truck then try and get him to go lower or take your money somewhere else. that being said if they can pretty well back up that the vehicle has been taken care of and you be your own judge on it, 110k shouldnt turn you away from a perfectly good truck.

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