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  1. 1953bowtieguy

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    Well i believe that every car should have oil changed every 2000 miles, sorry dont know what that is in km. and check the oil b4 you start it as usual, check tranny fluid often, brakes, tires, i think thats all id be concerned with unless the engine or tranny sounds bad.
  2. Pikey

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    I would change the spark plugs if it has not already been done. Should have been done at 169,000 km, but who knows if they were done? Only use the AC delco plugs in it. Also change the fluids out. Transfer case, front differential, rear differential, trans fluid and filter.
    what kind of maintenance car should have? i mean, if it has rolled 190k miles, what kind of stuff should should have been replaced or checked out?

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    Every 2,000 miles (3218km)? That is crazy in my opinion. Even before they had all the new advances in oil 3,000 miles was recommended. Now trucks are going 6,000 miles between changes if you use the oil monitor recommendations. I do admit that 6,000 is pretty long and scares me a little. I change at around 5,000 if my monitor is not down to 5 percent by then.
  3. 1953bowtieguy

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    Well [MENTION=51590]Pikey[/MENTION] i guess i dont always change it at 2000, i usually end up at 3000, but i always try to do it around 2, dont know why it was just how i was raised to do it.
  4. FinnishTruck

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    well that really started to scare me... the older owner told me that he changes oil every 15 000 km / 9500 miles.
    He has own the car for 6 years...

    should i still buy the car??
  5. Kraziken

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    I don't know. 2000 miles seems excessive. I do 3000 minimum on my Subaru because it is a turbo car.

    A non-forced induction motor, 3k should be fine. My wife's Lexus has a maintence recommendation of every 5k. So I follow that and I use full synthetic. If not using synthentic and the truck sits for awhile I would change more often.

    190k is a lot of mileage for any car. Things tend to fail at strange times. Not bad if it is a very good deal. But I prefer to find the lowest mile example. The 2005 I just bought just rolled 60k in mileage.

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