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buying bagged bodydropped tips?

Discussion in 'Chevy S10 Forum (GMC Sonoma)' started by scrapeincali, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. scrapeincali

    scrapeincali Member

    anything i should look for specifically or ask him about body drop job and bag job.. its got f.b.s.s ,1/2inch lines and 150psi set right now 200psi max and 5 gallon thats all i know
  2. scrapeincali

    scrapeincali Member

    oh sory im talkin about a 91 s10, and is there any type/brand of bags to watch out for ?
  3. nella

    nella New Member

    see if the body drop is stock floor or what . imo there are some bags that are better then the rest but they all will work as long as they are not rubbing anything. post some pics if you get some
  4. scrapeincali

    scrapeincali Member

    aritethanks alot .. it has the single leaf setup ... how should it handle are they really soft and sway alot or can you go around corners prety good.. cause thats what i miss about havin a s10 is i can get it over the mountain i live on its a hours worth of sharp turns... i was also wondering if anybody has ever heard or had a system in the bac of there bed.. while its cut out for the notch but it has a tonno cover

    thats the only pic of the bag setup really, and i dont know about the body drop yet i forgot to ask him how much of a drop even.. ill find out today

    and are these s10s hard to smog he said his will and has new cat and stuff, its got 10 switchs and f.b.s.s .. he said you cant get your fingers under the body when its dropped on the drag blocks and its on 17"s so i duno how much of a drop the body is?

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  5. scrapeincali

    scrapeincali Member

    Hey whats up i have a bagged s10 it is gray and blue. it has 17" rims with a 3.5" body drop. Truck will lay so low u cant even fit your finger between the ground and body. has draggin blocks in rear. it has plexy glass rear window with plate in window and billet frame. Everything is shaved and has door popers. it has 10 switches F.B.S.S. 1/2 inch valves, 1/2 inch line, 2 7 gallon tanks, 2 compressors at 3.5 cfm and will push up to 200psi have set at 150 now. Truck has up to date registration. the only bad thing is it has no heat or air, speedometer does not work, does not have shocks and the brakes need to be bled i think because the peddle goes down far. truck is a project truck dont recomend for a daily driver. come check out call me at 209 430 0519 with any ?'s

    Willing to trade for a lifted truck!!!!

    Brandon [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. scrapeincali

    scrapeincali Member

    thats the ad^ i guess it hops 8inches in the rear when its at 200psi, and what the heck is the plexiglass window with plate , wat does that look like?
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2009
  7. nella

    nella New Member

    the window is just a lexan window with a box in it for the plate. they look pretty slick. the truck in the pic looks pretty nice does need some work. dimes on bags if done right handle really good on corners and such but if done poorly you can get soon horrible body roll ill try do find some pics of the old lexan back window i had and post them.
  8. scrapeincali

    scrapeincali Member

    this is the new one im getting this week for sure 3/8 lines in front and 1/2 inch valves in rear and lines. three compressors mono leaf smogged its clean i like it , lays frame on 18"s thats good enoughf for me i think its 6inch notc and f.b.s.s 8gallon tank 10 switches its 2.8 also the bags are firestones

    Attached Files:

  9. scrapeincali

    scrapeincali Member

    got it

    i got the 93 s10 in my last post, runs and drives really good BUT the front bags are extremely slow!! annoying but i guess its normal , its got 1/2 valves all around but front lines are 3/8 , back pops right up and its got a 3link not mono leaf.. love the truck but was wondering if my front valves are weak or messed up or somthing cause they r real slow. also its a 10 switch box and they all work but i havent got it to go side to side .. why? ill post pics if you want
  10. nella

    nella New Member

    on the front he may have speed control lift vavles on there. that would cause it to be slow if he had them turned up.and the side to side im not to sure about im just running 6 valves and a 5 switch box but it looks pretty good if you only have those couple problems

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