Buying new water pump, 04 5.3 v8, 1.88 or 2.05 dia, new or reman.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Bowtied, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Hi guys, I finally have enough money together to get a new water pump (generic one from autozone or similar)

    i have what i believe to be a 1.88 thermostat inlet diameter water pump on my 04 5.3 v8 but im wondering if i should get the 2.05 inlet diameter as the "1 piece" thermostat housing + thermostat is replaceable on these units where as the 1.88 you have to replace the thermostat and o-ring gasket (and i was unable to find new housings at auto zone for this particular thermostat housing)

    But I am not able to find parts for it, calling just now to see if i could get a replacement housing for the thermostat takes 2 days, and the 2.05" diameter just seem to be more common for this parts.

    The pic below shows my 1.88" D Thermostat and a 2.05" D Thermostat + Housing,


    Since my water pump shows signs of failing im just at a cross-roads since i already bought and replaced the 1.88"D Thermostat but cant find a housing for it should I buy a new water pump with the 2.05" D and get the thermostat and be done with it?

    Also, how do you guys feel about Generic or Non-OEM Water pumps, whether new or remanufactured?
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  2. Pikey

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    My father and I both put water pumps from advance auto on our trucks. We never had an issue. I had the style with just the replaceable t stat. His was the t-stat and housing together. I am pretty sure that they are interchangeable. I bet that you could get the new housing at a dealer.

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