Buying silverado or sierra around need some advice or tips

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by jerod187, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. jerod187

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    Well ive decided to buy a silverado i have been looking around at around 1999 - 2003 models just because of the price i do live in canada, and was wondering if anyone knows how hard it is to import a truck from the states to candada?

    i found this one but it has 107000 miles which seems like alot any ideas?

    also how is the 5.3 on gas in stock form? and how much worse does it get with 33s or 35s and what type of lift do you need to run 33s or 35s?

    so pretty much jus looking for any pointers when it comes to silverados ive always been a car guy, thanks alot
  2. ukrkoz

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    you want an honest advice?

    mileage wise, you are looking at around 17.5 on a well maintained truck with no issues mixed drive. but, it all depends on your driving style.

    I went to Hot Springs in Candada last year, straight hwy drive, we did straight 22 mpg.

    100K miles is not much for a large V8. just broken in. but this is said for the engine ONLY.

    so, if you want an honest advice.. I think, you got it. otherwise, if you dead set on buying that particular vehicle from a company that is, basically, bankrupt, Google how to import car to Canada, or just call customs.

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