Buying tires online? (Are savings to be had?)

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Bowtied, Oct 30, 2013.

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    I've ordered through and

    On tire buyer I got a whole set of tires (15") for $275 shipped to my door. It was around the holidays so i got a $40 off thing. They came in less than a week.

    Tread Depot i got just two fronts and they were at a good price for the brand tire i got. They were Cooper Cobra Radial G/T.

    You can definitely save some buy getting them online. Just takes some searching.
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    WallyWorld by me used to charge $5/tire to M&B + $2/tire for valve stems + $3/tire if they had to dismount.

    And I always had to remind them not to charge me the "disposal fee" since I always wanted my old tires back.

    They USED TO mount anything you brought in... I mixed-and-matched more tires and rims thru them... Heck they even mounted the 35" Swampers on my Jeep... Twice!

    Then they started the "new with stickers only" crap. Fawk them. Yet another reason I detest that store.

    Even my local repair shops want $25-ish/tire.

    So lately I've been hitting up a little hole-in-the-wall used tire shop.

    You know the kind... rows of miscellaneous tires in varying conditions with sizes written in chalk on the tread. One little desk with a cash box and a coupla tatooed, chain-smoking, RedBull chugging, shady looking characters standing around one old bead breaker, a mounting machine and an ancient balancer complete with buckets of used wheel weights..

    He usually charges me $10-15/tire to dismount, mount & balance if I carry them in and he doesn't have to pull the wheels off a vehicle (with a hand pump floor jack).

    Works for me.


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    Love or hate Walmart, I don't blame them one bit for the requirement of mounting only new tires. There are plenty of people out there looking for a payday and would use an excuse for a blown tire to sue.

    That's just a fact of life.

    Those "old school" shops (back when I was a teenager I used them too) who use an old balancer can't balance a tire "dead on" which when your looking at a 20" factory rims on my truck. Not balancing "dead on" would cause all kind of front end vibration issues. As a matter of fact, this is a common complaint among late model Silverado/Sierra owners who have to get their tires "road forced balance" to correct it.
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    Just got these off of CL for next summer I paid $80.00 If they last a summer and a 1/2 I'll be happy..

    [h=2] Falken Tires 20 inch - $100 (West Milford)[/h][​IMG]




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    Selling a worn set of Falken Ziex S/T04 275/45/R20 106H tires. Theres 7/32 tread left. One tire does have a plug but its in the center of the tread. Id hate to just trow them out so if someones looking for a cheap set of tires just to get by here they are. Breaks down to 25 a tire. Email this add or tex me
    • Location: West Milford

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