Buzzing sound on takeoff with Silverado Duramax TSB PIP4826?

Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by E_HILLMAN, Feb 15, 2013.


    E_HILLMAN Member 1 Year

    From the day I test drove the truck (I have never owned a Chevy Duramax before been with Cummins for past 10 years) I heard a buzz noise coming from the dash/engine compartment.

    The salesman said it was normal and all of them did it. Well that was good for me as it was a new truck bla bla bla. But then with the integrity issues I have had with that dealership and salesman (some of you may have seen other threads where they lied about simple things like the truck having a diesel owners manual supplement) I decided today to look it up.

    I didn't find anything on it here but I did find it on a couple other forums. Turns out the sound I hear might be something a technical service bulletin has been release on, TSB # is PIP4826

    Guess I'll call my dealership that I have been working with that I trust about it and see what they say. Figured I would post about it here in case others had the same thing or knew more about it.

    Here is the main site I found the answers (hope it is ok to link to them) I just wanted you to know my source but I also wanted to make sure this forum had the info so that no one would have to go elsewhere next time. ;)
    This one even has a photo of what one guy did to fix it himself:

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    PS, the fix is to turn one of the hoses 60 degrees counter clockwise.
  2. MissouriDuraMax

    MissouriDuraMax New Member

    The fix is to rotate the hose closest to the center/ drivers side of the truck. The noise is a form of water jacketing as the coolant approaches the firewall. Easy fix for sure

    E_HILLMAN Member 1 Year

    Actual TSB

  4. Chris Miller

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    If it keeps up, you might have some bees under there. :D

    E_HILLMAN Member 1 Year

    Well since my truck is only 3 months old I figured I would let the "pros" do it. I just received a phone call that they could not reproduce it. (groan) I told them how to reproduce it and told them if the engine was fully warmed up it most likely would not happen or at least be as noticeable. Then I asked if they could just go ahead and rotate the hose for me anyway as I KNOW it is happening. He said they would let the truck cool off and try it again. (hmmmm) And then he also said on this engine he doesn't think it has the issue and that the engine was made different so they might not be able to do anything. I told him it was the SAME engine as in the service bulletin and that if he needed I could send him photos etc. lol He said he had all he needed in the TSB and that he would talk to the tech again and see if they could figure it out. (shew)

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    3-18-2013 4:15 EDT
    Sooooooooooo, they did reproduce the issue and they do feel the noise is the hose. is the kicker folks. On 2012 models the HOSE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BE TURNED. Thus they had to order the other hose style and said when it comes in they will install it and in the correct position.

    Just some good FYI for anyone else that might pull this thread up at a later date. If you have a newer than 2011 model and you hear the buzz sound you might not be able to just turn your hose yourself (huh huh that didn't sound right). You MAY need a different hose and then install it with the bend straight up.
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    E_HILLMAN Member 1 Year

    Hose got replaced Saturday. If you have a 2012 with this issue DO NOT try to just rotate the hose on your own. Take it in, give them the TSB number above and have them replace the hose. My truck only had about 5k miles on it and the hose was already getting some wear on it where it was vibrating/rubbing. All sounds nice and smooth now.

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