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    I have never replaced the cabin filter in my 02 Silverado. After 410,000 miles , I think it might need to be replaced. I`m an asthmatic and I feel like there is an awful lot of dust in the cabin air. Can anyone help me ? Picts ?

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    The Below Link has Diagrams on where and how to Remove/Replace the Cabin Air Filter's.....on the 99" to 02" Trucks/SUV's, The Filter's are located under the Dash on the Passenger Side,

    Link.....starting with Reply Number #11, cab filter

    Keep in mind that you will need to Buy 2 Cabin Air Filter's as there are 2 of them......after removing the 1st one.....the 2nd one is right behind it.......and also its not hard at all to replace the Cabin filter's.

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