Cable to rear differential?

Discussion in 'MD - Maryland Chevy Truck Club' started by dino01, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. silverado002

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    Makes sense to me too.
  2. dino01

    dino01 New Member

    I think that the best solution is to free up the mechanism and operate the cable to see what it does. Thanks to everyone for their input.
  3. Flyinfool

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    Be sure to let us know what it is, we all love to learn new things.
    IF it is to disengage the driveshaft for towing, make sure that after you free it up that you lock it down good again so it can not unexpectedly disengage while standing on the gas.............................
  4. RayVoy

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    I don't know if I've ever seen a rear end that could be disengaged. I have seen a device that was installed at the transmission yoke and disconnected the driveshaft. Hmmmm, as I think about it, maybe it was at the rear axle yoke and disconnected the driveshaft.
  5. dino01

    dino01 New Member

    Eureka! The device is a Remco Driveline Disconnect.( It is used to disconnect the driveshaft when the Jimmy is being towed on all 4 wheels to avoid damage to the transmission. I'm looking in to disconnecting the device. Thanks to all for your input
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  6. thegawd

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    we have a pretty great investigative team here eh! that device has got to be worth some coin and although its built for that specific truck it would fit and work on others with the same driveline. someone out there would have to be interested in it.

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