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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by usetaboost, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. usetaboost

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    has anyone experienced power loss from one of these? I know there's aabout a 20-30hp difference from an 04 5.3 and the newer ones but a stock 09 feels like a powerhouse compared to my 04 witha k&n intake and dual muffler exhaust. It feels like a gutless turd and would highly doubt it capable of towing anything heavy unless it was on flat land. It won't even break the tires loose from an off-idle roll. The truck has 51k on it. Still has orginal plugs and wires but I wouldn't think that's the problem. Does the truck need a tune do to the exhaust and intake? The MAF should compensate for it right?
  2. JennaBear

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    Unless you have true duals (ie. X pipe not a Y pipe), then you will experience a loss of performance due ot the change in pressure downstream.
  3. usetaboost

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    I was thinking that also. I might check and see if it has true duals on it or not. No expense was spared on accessories by the previous owner so I'm sure it might. If it is single into dual it would explain the suggishness. I don't know about the newer exhaust systems but the older vortecs benefit little from any exhaust changes unless headers were installed. I wonder what brand of muffler is on the truck? Straight through design with dual exhaust may be killing the low end from having less backpressure.

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