Calendar Pictures of Silverado's and Sierra's.

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    These are picture entries for the Silverado/Sierra Calendar.
    For Info on this please see thread in Merchandise forum.
    Please only post pictures in this thread.
    Pictures will be reviewed and 12 rides will be chosen and featured on full color calendar that will be able to be purchased at Don't have a time limit yet but 2 weeks will be close. If you have big pictures post them, they work better. If it's to big to post PM me and I'll give you my email.
    Now lets see those Rides. :great:
  2. finalday7

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    Hey guys what's going on. So far I only have pictures from 5 people that what their ride featured on the calendar. I'm alright at math and were still at least 7 short. If this keeps up I doubt I'll take the time to do it. Everyone loves posting pics of their rides and we've got some pretty sick ones on here. Well that's about all I can say so hopefully this week we'll have a better turn out as Next Friday will be the last day for submissions.
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    I put the pic in the other tread ......... I just seen this one for the Silverado's

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    Here's my entry for the calender:



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    Hey guy's times almost up on the calendar entries and since they're hasn't been a huge turnout they're will probly only be 1 or 2 calendars made at this time. Last day for entries will be Tuesday the 29th. So Post pics of your ride and remember doesn't matter what your ride is as long as it's GM.
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    I know I posted these before but not in this thread.



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