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    so i was wondering if i will have to get my truck tested when i get to california? im in the military and do not plan on getting cali tags and want to keep florida tags. which i know i can do but will i fall under californias testing and performance modification laws?

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    As you are in the Military, are you being Re-Stationed in Calif???.....Below is a link to the Calif. Department of Motor should be able to find the Answers to your Questions.....about Smog Test on your Truck......


    As I live in Calif...I will said and Most would Agree, that Calif has the Toughest Smog Laws in Country.

    In Closing I want to said.....Thank you for your Service......:glasses:
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    Good luck on the smog stuff. God bless you for your service!!!!!!
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    As of 1 January 1999 DOD requires a valid state inspection (Emissions and/or Safety whichever local regulation dictates) to register any POV to operate on a Military reservation. This requirement is reguardless of whether the vehicle is licensed in the state the Military reservation is located. It does not mean the vehicle must be licensed in that state, it must only pass a legal state inspection and carry any required state inspection stickers.
    In other words even if your truck is registered in Florida and holds Florida license plates you must get a California inspection if you plan on getting a base sticker.
    There are some exemptions that can be used to assist in getting a California inspection but you need to contact the Ca. Smog referee for the local area you'll be in to apply for any exemptions.
    Something else you may not be aware of is a regulation called "tripple stating".
    Tripple stating is when you have your vehicle registered in one state (for example Georga)
    Your drivers license issued in another state (for example Florida, since it's legal to auto renew your Florida license as long as your on Active Duty).
    Your vehicle insurance could be either state, Georga since thats where your stationed, or Florida since thats your home of record.
    Once you move to Ca. your vehicle license, drivers license, and insurance must be either Ca. or Florida, failure to to comply with this little known regulation can get you a $2000 dollar fine.
    Check with Kings Bay station security for updates to the DOD regs they should have access to all DOD regs.
    BTW Ca. was the state that caused all these issues with Millitary members licensing and operating vehicles, they sued the Federal Goverment and won forcing the DOD to comply with local law and regulation.
    If you need more info PM me I served as a DOD/Navy Security Department OIC for 2 tours and still have access to the updated DOD laws and regulations for Active Duty Military Members.
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    well thank you to you all for the help/info... i guess that means i should wait to build my motor to a 408 stroker till i leave california and look into puting some mufflers on my truck...

    tbplus10- thanks for the details, that basicaly what i was looking for. sucks that cali is like that but thats why its back to florida when i get out... no testing :)...

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