Calibrating Edelbrock 1406 from scratch

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    I recently ran into a problem my truck a 1969 C10 started blowing oil. Answer replace head gaskets. Once that was done I fired up the truck to adjust rocker arms and timing. A new problem showed my oil was full of gas. Since I have an electric fuel pump the answer was rebuild the carb. This turned into one hell of a project. The carb was so nasty I did a 100% tare down. I played hell getting all the linkage together correctly something even Edelbrock tech support couldn't help with. Now the next question is how to set up the mixture adjustments for first time startup. Any Help out there?
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    I'd set them both equal amounts 1 1/2 to 2 turns out each. When you screw them in to seat them & start your turns out, do not seat them too tightly or you'll ring the screws. Just lightly seated will do the job. After you warm it up (hot operating temp) & check all adjustments, ign timing etc, adjust the screws for the highest idle while alternately setting the idle speed screw back down. The air fuel mixture screws should each be kept the same amount of turns in or so your engine runs evenly side to side, & smoothly, especially if you have a 180 degree manifold.

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