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    My original plans was to build a 383 sbc for my project truck and still intend to but over the winter. But for now I am just going to stick a 355
    in so that I can keep driving my truck. The 350 that is in it now has broken piston rings on the number one cylinder so I need to yank that motor out. The 355 im getting from my dads 81 camaro and only has at most 10,000 miles on the rebuild and 5,000 on the th350 turbo. The motor my dad had won in a raffle drawing at a car show and is a stout motor but could use a little bigger cam. He also gave me a cam that someone had given him on a trade but has no cam card with it. The guy said that when he put it in his 327 that it was too much cam for the engine but who knows.

    Can anyone tell me how to properly measure the lift and duration of the cam. The closest cam doctor to me is well over and hour away.
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    Why not just mail the cam to the closest cam doctor and have him measure it. I'm sure it will be much cheaper than driving a hour each way with the price of gas.

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