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  1. scottkh

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    Howdy folks

    I have 2001 burban 1500 2 WD. The nut that holds the control arm of front suspension fell off and the camber plate went along with the nut. The bolt is still in place and the control arm is loose, not safe for steering or braking. I found a nut to put back on, but no camber plate.

    I went tot he dealer to get camber plate and the dealer wanted $106 for a kit of front suspension parts (camber plate is part of the kit).

    Went to 3 DIY junkyards and found older burbans but they are too old and dont have the right camber plate.

    Where I can find the camber plate? Thanks in advance.

  2. finalday7

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    Try AutoZone or Pepboys. I think they carry them.

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