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    Bought the parts a while back to hook up :neutral::neutral:brakes to camper plug on back of my 99 Suburban. Where do you wire the box under the dashboard, how do you tie into the back?? I'm an fng with this sort of stuff but a sorta maintenance-savvy(butsomewhat electronically-challenged) buddy is helping me. We first thought it would plug right into the code box. Yeah, the code box. Any help appreciated.
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    There is a spot in the "code box" for the brake hook-up, but my truck's not here to look at. I think it's on the lower section, marked with "nat". Put a test light to it and push the brake to see if it lights up.
    Do you have the factory wiring going to the trailer plug? Mine were blue (brake) and orange (aux), and zip tied to the firewall.

    My truck showed up. Just above the small relay is a slot that says "NAT". There are two blades - large one on the right is the cold side of the brake switch, the small one on the left is wired to the parking lights. Hope this helps!

    Good luck,
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    thanks for the response, i'll try it a few more days (or weeks) into hunting season. so far, this is the deer:

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