Can a 1991 k2500 w/ 5.7 liter tow a jeep on a trailer

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Barong, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Barong

    Barong New Member

    I was wanting to purchase a truck that could haul my jeep wrangler on a flat bed trailer. Im contemplating on purchasing a 1991 gmc k2500 w/ a 5.7 liter because it fits my price range. I'm having a dificulty finding specifications for that particular truck. Does anyone have any information that may help me decide whether or not this truck can do the job. Thanks
  2. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    If I remember correctly the towing capacity for that truck is around 7k. A loaded Wrangler and trailer come in around 4500. That combination starts and pulls great, you may want trailer brakes (if you dont already have them).
    A friend of mine has the exact same rig and has no problem pulling his 25' trailer loaded with a 94 Wrangler, two quads, camping gear, two adults, and two children.
  3. Meddriver

    Meddriver New Member

    I had a 94 Suburban 1500 4WD with the 350TBI motor. Would regularly tow a AWD Astro V8 Conversion with a double axle car trailer that weighed in at 2500 lb. Astro was 4250lb. Never any problems. Just don't tow in OD with those years. Still got 8-10mpg.
  4. Barong

    Barong New Member

    1991 k2500

    Thanks for the advice. The truck i was looking at had a new engine in it and the seller was letting it go for $2500. Unfortunately someone pulled the trigger on it before i could even look at it. Hopefully ill find something else.
  5. krazyballer

    krazyballer New Member

    Engine V8 5.7 Liter
    Horsepower 190 @ 4000 RPM
    Torque 300 @ 2400 RPM
    Transmission Automatic
    Drivetrain 4WD
    Gas Mileage -
    Bore x Stroke 4.00 x 3.48
    Compression Ratio 9.3
    Fuel Type Gas
    Fuel Induction Electronic Fuel Induction
    Valve Train Overhead Valve
    Valves Per Cylinder 2
    Total Number Valves 16
    Transfer Case -

    Dimensions & Capacity Details
    Fuel Capacity 34.0
    Wheel Base 131.5 inches
    Overall Length 212.6 inches
    Width 76.8 inches
    Height 73.0 inches
    Curb Weight 4002 lbs.
    Tires / Wheel Size LT225/75R16
    Rear Tires / Wheel Size -
    Turning Radius 44.6
    Axle Ratio 3.42
    Ground Clearance 7.8
    GVWR 7200
    Maximum Towing 9500
    Payload Base Capacity 2694
    Head Room: Front 40.0 inches
    Head Room: Rear -
    Leg Room: Front 41.7 inches
    Leg Room: Rear -
    Shoulder Rm: Front 66.0 inches
    Shoulder Rm: Rear -
    EPA Passenger -
    EPA Trunk or Cargo -
    EPA Total Interior -
    Truck Bed Volume -

    thoes are the specs for anyone wondering.
  6. 84fiero123

    84fiero123 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    We haul around a 4 horse stock trailer all the time with our 94 Burb with a 5.7 L TBI.

    Never had a problem, horses weight in around 1,000 lbs each or more and the trailer is probably around 2500 lbs.

    As mentioned earlier, don’t tow in overdrive.
  7. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Great deals on used Suburbans-

    There are lots of great deals on used Suburbans out there.I paid $2950 2 weeks ago for my 1998 2wd 1500.Granted it has 195,000 miles on it, but the trans was rebuilt 1 year ago and the AC and other stuff replaced 2 years ago.Cosmetically it is in great shape.When our finances improve I'll buy a new Goodwrench motor($2240+shipping) and put it in.
    The deals will get even better if we have one hurricane in the gulf this year(hope we don't,I live 3 miles W of New Orleans). Gasoline will spike,and big vehicles,will drop in resale.
    Shame really-the Suburbans are so useful-like having a very comfortable long bed pickup with the worlds best camper top.Great evacuation vehicle also(which is why we have it-2 greyhounds,4 cats,3 adults-we need a big vehicle to get out of town).We only plan to drive it maybe 5000 miles a year,so the gas-350-400 gallons won't be too bad.

    Keep looking,you will find an even better one for $3000 or so.They are the best used car bargains out there now.
  8. Barong

    Barong New Member

    i found another 91 k2500 for $3200

    I hope to negotiate the price down a little but same deal. He's adverstising rebuilt motor,5 speed tranny and clutch. Based on the specs, looks like this truck will do the job w/o having to pull a loan for a diesel.

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