Can anyone recommend some good tires?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by junior2005, May 14, 2005.

  1. Shorty

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    I am not sure what part of TeXas you are in, but there are TONS of microbrewers in TX... Blanco, TX has The real ale company- look them up GREAT BREW. They have a brewhouse brown that is just PERFECT.

    If you have a Spec's liquor near you, they will order anything you desire, Smithwick's. Fat tire, Arrougant bastard, Blue moon, Full Moon... I like a wide variety of brews and rarely stay with the same one for long.

    Oh and to add to the post(so as not to hyjack on my second post) I am looking for a decent set of tires to use on my 83 to pull about 3000lbs... I can't find the Mich hy-ways I ran on my old PSD.
  2. dtalsma

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    I just put a set of Bridgestone REVO's on my 95 K2500. I looked at michelins but was told Bridgestone every bit as good for less money and better factory support. I got 40,000 plus on my first set.
  3. Jase007

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    I went with Michelin LTX M/S from Merchant tire [priced out versus tirerack, discount tire direct, etc... online] a local(?) chain here in VA/MD/DC. Went up to 265/70/16 to fill the fenderwells a little better and WOW what an improvement over Firestone Wilderness LE spec tire.

    I actually had the belts separate internally on one of my firestone wilderness tires [these aren't the ones that were on the Ford Explorers] which was a sudden and interesting experience while driving. LOL.

    Though not cheap ... I expect they'll last for several more years and many miles driven. Quiet on the highway and OK pulling #5,000 trailer up and down east coast.

  4. jbf00sub

    jbf00sub New Member

    I had junk Firestone Wilderness LE tires on my 00 sub and hated them. I wore them out and last summer bought stock size Michelin LTX M/S 265/70 16 tires and will never get anything else for an SUV. Last winter in Iowa was nothing but snow and ice and worse driving conditions than when I lived in Vermont and these tires were awesome. I thought about getting BFG TA KO's but had many people tell me they had issues with stopping in snow or ice conditions. We have a Toyota Tundra plowtruck at work with the BFG's and that was not even close to the traction and control I have with the Michelin's on my sub. I am sure you will have mixed opinions but I was very impressed after last winter and with the wear so far will predict to get 80k out of these tires.

  5. Trask215

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    On my dodge I had Cooper Discoverer STT's. They did very well in snow and on the road. They have kevlar in the sidewalls. Somebody slashed one with a box knife while I was in the store and they had to do alot of work to get through the sidewall. Currently my Chevy has 35" Toyo MT's on it. They work well. But both sets are pretty spendy.
  6. alsmithdr

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    Michelins for towing. BFG's for all terrain. Pro Comp or Yokohama for off road.
  7. 91Sub4x4

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    I'm also looking for tires to put on my 91 Suburban. I'd like something that will handle well in wet/dry/mud/snow on and off road. They don't have to be the smoothest or the quietest. They just need to be good enough to do the job...but I don't want the super cheapo's either. I'd also like to move up in size (taller and wider). Any suggestions?
  8. ChevyFan

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    This thread is like a truck with bad tires ... it's all over the place ..
  9. ChevyFan

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    I love that charcoal color on that burb.
  10. daddytech

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    a lot of it depends on what you are towing. boat, travel trailer, heavier equipment, car hauler etc. if it's just used for pulling something recreational and not tremendously heavy any thicker walled non soft or speed rated tire will do BF Goodrich makes some really nice ones that are good multipurpose tires. and they are usually pretty reasonably priced. pep boys also sells a futura brand of tire that are really good long lasting tires and usually hold together well for towing. also ifyou can find a dealer that sells the kuhomo bransd of tires they usually last really well and are pretty stiff. that's what i have on my tahoe and I tow a car hauler all the time with no problems.

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