Can GM Wake up the US with this?? About time....

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    [h=1]2014 Chevrolet SS, an Aussie built for NASCAR, races into America[/h][​IMG]

    By Justin Hyde | Motoramic – 5 hours ago

    It's been 17 years since Chevrolet has built a proper rear-wheel-drive sports sedan, and even that car — the Impala SS — was mostly a corporate accident. This year, that drought ends with the 2014 Chevrolet SS, a 415-hp Australian import designed to race on NASCAR tracks Sunday, sell on Monday and convince skeptical Americans to give Chevy another look.
    The SS badge has a long, if somewhat spotty, history at Chevrolet, which built its first Super Sports model in 1961. Outside of its use in the Camaro and Corvette, the SS has been most well-known for its use on the Impala SS built from the bulbous Chevy Caprice models through 1996. GM sold a bevy of SS-labeled models over the last decade, from the Silverado to the Malibu Maxx to the HHR — all of which offered more horsepower and a few special interior bits, but little else.
    With the Chevy SS, GM wants to reset the expectations of its fans; according to Mark Reuss, the head of GM North America, "Chevy's never built a car like this." Fashioned from the Holden Commodore sold by General Motors' Australian division, the SS wouldn't have been possible without Reuss, who spent a few years running the business down under. It was also his decision to grant the Holden a U.S. passport only if NASCAR changed its rule book so that the cars on the speedways closely resembled the cars in dealerships.
    Stock car racing has been a technological dead-end for decades; the tube-frame, rear-wheel-drive rides of NASCAR drivers have more in common with the vehicles of the 1970s than they do with the cars in dealerships. Reuss said GM took the SS to NASCAR a couple of years ago to convince the sport to drop the ungainly Car of Tomorrow shape which was masked with stickers to vaguely suggest modern designs, which NASCAR agreed to. An overlay of the NASCAR version of the SS that will take to the Daytona International Speedway this weekend — and pace the Daytona 500 next weekend — matches the outlines of the civilian Chevy SS almost to perfection.
    Powered by a version of the LS3 6.2-liter V-8 in the current Corvette, the SS will spring to 60 mph in less than five seconds thanks to 415 lb.-ft. of torque turning a six-speed automatic transmission. Based on the chassis that underpins the Camaro, the SS boasts several high-performance attributes — a 50/50 weight split front-to-rear, electronic suspension controls shared with the Camaro and Corvette and Bridgestone high-performance tires also found on the Ferrari California. The result, according to Chevy execs, is a five-passenger sedan with a luxury-car interior that can pull 0.9 gs of cornering force.
    While Chevy executives wouldn't discuss pricing for the SS yet, it won't come cheap. Reuss says GM only plans to make 5,000 per year for now to make sure demand laps supply, and given that the somewhat similar, less refined Pontiac G8 topped out near $37,000, the SS will slot in luxury-car territory.
    But the SS isn't about numbers, but emotion — giving people who wrote off Chevy and GM following the company's bankruptcy and bailout a reason to reconsider. "We've been through a rough time," Reuss said at the SS unveiling tonight, in the shadow of the Daytona speedway where NASCAR's season begins this weekend, adding that "Chevy hasn't been known for making really good cars for a long time" — but with the Cruze, the new Impala and now the SS as a calling card, Reuss says that will change. It's one race that will run for far beyond 500 miles.

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    Probably not. That thing is UGLY...
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    i kinda like it actually. not a fan of the silver, but otherwise its ok.

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    Lets see some of the more performance colors then we can talk. I like it and think it will do ok. Its not meant to be a money maker just a show car.
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    It's like this Car my friend from SLP showed me a few months ago.. Made to be the new Cop car..

    newcopcar1.jpg newcopcar2.jpg newcopcar3.jpg
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    Yup the Caprice PPV and Detective. Talk about sweet police vehicles.
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    Why would GM build another full size sedan with that much power that is butt ugly? I know there are not many fans of the fisker karma here but GM really has has some narrow minded view's of what a sedan should look like and its a wonder why people aren't buying their sedans that much.

    This is not 1980 anymore. back in the day (I can't believe I am saying this) but I would not be caught dead in the caprice because the "cool" version of the caprice was the impalla. It actually had some modern flare even through it was built on the same basic setup as a caprice.

    I see this same problem with the new 2014 trucks. Instead of modernizing their looks on their product lines and making them appealing, they are keeping all the stuff people want as concepts and just re-hashing out all the same old junk in slightly different body lines.

    Not really worth the time considering. I would be better off getting a V6 camery XLE and get twin turbo's put on it and get it re-tuned by a company that has the toyota programming tool that is factory authorized (tool is about $6000) and actually have a fun car.

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    I will try and say something positive for a change. Fire the design teams that designed this car and turn over the design to the Camaro and Corvette Teams.

    GM might have a car that will sell with the power they have under the hood.
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    So wait this thing was designed in Australia? If so why don't the design teams in the US try to make something besides trucks, camaro, and corvette? If they want to try and save the US make something the overall population will drive. This is the reason GM had to get bailed out because of they make bad decisions.
  9. PantheraUncia

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    ++++ 100 to this. It seems like designers everywhere else in the world know what people want. Designers in the US have lost the edge.
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