Can I ask for any advice for a few Electrical Related Issues?

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by YukonXL2003, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. YukonXL2003

    YukonXL2003 New Member

    Hey guys,
    First off, thanks for having me - I just opened a new thread in the Member Introduction section and am happy to join the community. I frequent forums often and would really like to learn and someday provide support to others in the community.

    I have a 2003 GMC Yukon XL, which I absolutely love so far and got a great deal on. She's got 156,000 miles but sure seems to still run strong.

    Having a few different things going on, and would really appreciate any advice to see if I'm on the right track - or perhaps am walking into a mess :).

    First off, my Speedometer and RPM gauges are not accurate - at least not always. Based on some research, I believe this is a VERY common issue with 2003ish GM trucks - in which the Stepper Motors were essentially defective and even recalled up to a particular mileage.

    My resolution at this point is A) Either attempt to solder in new Stepper Motors myself, or B) Pull the Dash, ship to a repair main off of Ebay and then reinstall the dash under warranty. Any other recommendations? I'd love to have the Escalade Cluster Overlay, but the Escalade appears to have a Trans Temp gauge that I don't have. No worries - I just want it to work right!

    Second, is that the sensor/switch on the drivers door seems faulty, in that it doesn't detect me opening the door to shut off the radio/dash lights. I literally have to open the door and close it 3-5 times before everything correctly shuts off. I have no idea what this is but found similar results in via Google. Would I need to replace some sort of switch/sensor? Perhaps go to town and clear the latch area thoroughly?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated and have a great day!
  2. Pikey

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    Welcome to GMTC! Yes, you are correct that there are known issues with these clusters. You can buy an escalade or silverado SS cluster for your truck, have the proper mileage programmed in it, then you just plug it in and it will work (including the trans temp gauge.) The switch on the drivers side door is located at the latch inside the door. So you have to pull the interior door panel to get to it. Many times these fail because the door hinge pins are failing, allowing the door to sag and causing the latch to hit the striker at the incorrect location breaking the latch sensor. Open your door, grab it on the bottom and lift up, if it moves then I would replace the door pins before I look at the latch. I will pm you information about a cluster rebuild place.

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  3. YukonXL2003

    YukonXL2003 New Member

    Pikey - you rock! Thank you so much for #1 - moving my thread to the appropriate place (I realized it shortly after posting) and #2 for the rockstar advice on both of my queries. I really appreciate it and will certainly take your advice. Buying the Escalade cluster with the Trans Temp gauge sounds very appealing :).
  4. YukonXL2003

    YukonXL2003 New Member

    Quick update and a big thank you to Pikey. I've removed my dash cluster, and have shipped the dash out to the recommended repair shop last Friday. They should receive the cluster tomorrow :).

    As for the Door Switch, I have checked the door pins by grabbing the open door at the bottom and it really doesn't feel like there is any play in the pins. It was mentioned that there is a switch inside the door latch, should I assume this switch is worn/defective and needs replaced?

    Any additional info as to what that specific part is called, or recommended approach for diagnosis, would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a good Sunday evening!
  5. RayVoy

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    If the pins are good, the switch inside the door is a likely problem. I don't know about your truck, but on the ones I have owned that needed that switch changed, it is usually attached to the door latch mech, generally behind the outside door handle. You can probably find a Youtube vid that will walk you through it.

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