can i fix it?

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    I have a 2001 silverado 1500 LS and pulled the driver sidemirror in so that I could get it through a narrow gate. As I pulled it in I hearda loud pop and a metallic ping. :grrrrrr: After that I was able to lift the whole mirror assemblyup and off the bracket that attaches to the door. I can see a spring and whatlooks to be some sort of snap washer that would be pushed down onto a notchedpeg to keep the spring compressed. Is there any way to remove the glass withoutdamaging it and then go back and reinstall it after hopefully fixing the hinge?
    any ideas?

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    Yes! Here is a link with detailed info on how to remove the glass. scroll all the way down the page. There is a diagram also. GM sells a kit for $85. You can get it on for less. Alternatively, you could probably buy 2 of these , you may need a different length and one of these . Is the metal cross piece from the u-bolt and make it work.
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  3. newcheylover

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    thanks i hopefully understand what your telling me. is this a common issue?

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