Can I turn a manual mirrior into a power, heated, power folding, turn signal mirror?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by brtt485, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. brtt485

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    So some lady driving like Cruella de Vil this morning clips my mirror with her 2011 BMW X5, just crushing my driver's side mirror housing. Somehow though, only the housing is damaged. The glass, power mirror motor, power folding motor, and turn signal are all fine! Here is the problem, the dealer quoted me $789 for a new mirror! No, that isnt a typo. I found some online available for around $400 but the identical manual mirrors are available for $40.

    So my question is, can I buy a manual mirror for $40 and take the internals from my power, heated, power folding, turn signal mirror and install them in the housing for the manual mirror?

    The truck is a 2006 Silverado 1500 LT3, 5.3L, ext cab, 4x4.
  2. mfleetwood

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    I don't know that you can (someone will have to chime in who does know) but I was doing some research the other night and found a mirror on ebay with all those functions for about $270. You may want try there if you cannot change out the guts.
  3. brtt485

    brtt485 Member

    Thanks for the quick response! I did find some on ebay below $300 except the housing was gloss black and not the flat black I have and they also were not power folding which I thought was intereting. Anyways, spending $40 and some time to swap the parts over still sounds better than $270! Even if I had to spend $100 to get a housing for a power mirror without all the other features and then do the swap that would still be less painful on the wallet!
  4. mfleetwood

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    Let me look was the power-folding one, but they are hard to find because when you search, you end up getting powers mirrors that fold.

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    Forgot to ask, are you looking for the standard mirror or the towing mirror?

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    Here is one for $349 and is flat black. Too bad you didn't need the passenger's side instead, as that one is $242.|Year:2006&hash=item1e5d6888fb#ht_4622wt_939


  5. brtt485

    brtt485 Member

    I appreciate it. That will be my backup plan for sure! Does anyone know if I can swap the internals of my mirror to a manual mirror?
  6. pmf608

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    I'm not sure if the internals can be swapped, but a manual mirror wouldn't match anyway. The part that is gloss black or painted on other mirrors and flat black on yours is removeable, but is not there on a manual mirror, so those who notice details would notice the difference. If your mirror cap wasnt broken, you could swap it with any mirror with the same features.

    On the manual mirrors I have sitting around, the movement mechanism is attached to the folding part and the mounting plate that goes to your truck. The cap is held on by 3 screws. If your current mirrors are put together the same way, you would be able to use the cap from any mirror. BUT, I haven't been able to figure out how you are supposed to get the cap over the internals without either cutting it or breaking something.

    So, take what you want from this, but I hope it is at least somewhat helpful
  7. brtt485

    brtt485 Member

    This is great info, I appreciate the info! I have a few questions, if you dont mind.

    Even though the manual mirrors dont have that "removable cap" on them, is the housing the same? Do I need to be able to remove that "removable cap" to get at certain fasteners or something to get the internals out of my mirror and secured into another?

    I am a little confused by what you mean here. When you say movement mechanism are you referring to the mechanism that allows the glass to move or the mechanism that allows the mirror to fold in towards the truck? Which cap are you referring to that is held on by 3 screws?

    Lastly, do you happen to know if a regular power mirror (without the turn signal and power folding features) has the "removable cap" on the back like mine does? A regular power mirror is more expensive than a manual but still significantly less expensive than my mirror. If they have that removable cap on the back it seems like I may be better off buying one of those and trying to swap the internals over. Thoughts?
  8. pmf608

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    To answer the first question, the removeable cap is just a trim piece that allows the same mirror to be either chrome, textured black, or painted, depending on vehicle, trim, and year. It is only removed for swapping it for a different one (e.g. the textured to a painted one). Also, all power mirrors had this cap. The manual ones are the only ones without. If you want your mirrors to match afterwards, you need to get any power mirror.

    Second question: On the manual mirror, the part that allows the mirror to move is attached to the part that folds, which mounts through the base to your truck. The three screws I was referring to are the only thing that holds the whole outer housing to the assembly inside of it. The only problem I have found with removing the cap is that the opening in it where the folding part is goes around that part and is too small to fit over the internal parts of the mirror, so I can't figure out how to actually get it off. Based on this, if you could figure that part out and your mirror uses the same 3 screws for the cover, any mirror cap can be swapped in.

    I have a question that just occurred to me though - did the woman that hit your mirror stop? If she did, or you got her license number, I would strongly suggest getting a new mirror to match yours from the dealership and having her insurance pay for it. If not, then I totally see where you are coming from here.
  9. brtt485

    brtt485 Member

    Thanks for your help! Great info. I did get her info and my insurance company is working on it but they will not pay for a "NEW" OEM mirror. Because the truck is used, I am entitled to an aftermarket or LKQ (like kind and quality) replacement. I have never been a fan of the fitment of aftermarket products and LKQ would mean a junkyard mirror which is certainly an option. I figured if I could swap the internals over into a mirror I can pick up for $50, I can put the rest of the money I get from the insurance company in my pocket and come out ahead for the aggrevation this woman caused me!
  10. adampaul1964

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    That's one of the things that bothers me about car insurance, once your vehicle is older you are restricted to aftermarket or junkyard parts. Why is it your premium doesn't go down as your vehicle gets older?

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