Can the front clip of the Yukon XL be switched with the Sierra Front Clip?

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  1. Randy Ehrke

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    Hello, being a GMC guy I would want to purchase a Yukon XL over a Suburban however I think the front end of the Yukon XL is hideous! Those giant head lights are so ugly! I think the Yukon XL would look much better with the front off of the GMC Sierra instead. My question is can the front ends be switched? I have seen people convert the 00-06 but I have not seen someone do it with the 07-12 model.
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    actually i know it is, a couple places for did it on a suburban with a silverado front end, one was fro SEMA and I cant remember what the other was for. You will need all the outer stuff obviously but you would also need the inner fenders new headlight mounting brackets posibly the inner portions of the grill for mounting the radiator and hood latching. There are companiies that did complete packaging of this for the 95-99 suburbanescalade/denali, 99-02 to swap an 03 front for the pickups and SUVs so i would think there should be a 07 plus swap out there already to go. try, truckin, or a lowrider magazine.

    here is a youtube of a silverado to tahoe front swap just to give you an idea of work involved
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  3. Randy Ehrke

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    Sierra Front Clip/End on Yukon XL

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Yes. Someone did it to their new body style Yukon XL SLT somewhere on another forum.
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    That Yukon with the truck fron clip looks mean as hell!!

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