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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by coyote1967, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. coyote1967

    coyote1967 New Member

    Hey guys I just got my 08 silverado and it only came with one remote. So I ordered another one and programmed it according to the manual in the truck. What I found out was that now the new remote works fine but the remote that came with the truck doesn't work anymore. This is kind of weird if you ask me. So I was wondering did the truck come with 2 remotes when it was new and I just got screwed and only got one, and can you actually have a backup. I just hate to possibly lose my keys and can't get into the truck etc. Thanks
  2. Red Z71 Max

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    All new truck come with two remote key fobs. If you bought the truck brand new you should have received bot. If you bought it used there is a high probability it was either lost or damaged. They don't fair well in a washing machine. LOL :lol:
  3. coyote1967

    coyote1967 New Member

    Yes it was used, I sold my 06 Colorado and moved up to the 08 Silverado and amazingly enough I get better gas mileage with the Silverado than I did with the Colorado so I am much happier.

    Ok so if it is possible to have two remotes any idea on why only one works when they are programmed to the truck.
  4. IanF

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    You must program ALL remotes at the same time or lose the currently set ones. I know on my '10 Silverado I can have up to 8 remotes but they must all be reprogrammed at the same time or some will be lost. Your owner's manual will tell you how to reprogram the remote for yours. mine is as follows:

    View attachment 36667
  5. EA40

    EA40 New Member

    Do you have a service adviser at your local Chevy dealership that you've been taking your previous truck to? It's a pretty simple process to get the remotes programmed and a good Chevy dealership will do it for free. The newer Silverado's require the fobs to be programmed by a computer at the dealership and take time away from their service techs, but the older models like the 07 and 08's should be able to be programmed without using a dealership computer and a good service adviser can probably do it for you in a couple minutes. Good Luck!
  6. coyote1967

    coyote1967 New Member

    I don't go to the dealership unless I have to. I am a mechanic and pretty much do anything that needs to be done on the truck myself. If it starts to get over my head (like when i had problems with the BCM) then I take it to them. Usually I find that doing research I can fix almost anything that it needs.

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