Canada / USA accessory prices completely out of sync

Discussion in 'Ask GM Customer Service' started by Jper, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Hi, just hoping someone at GM can clear this up for me. I recently purchased a 2011 GMC 1500 WT, and I've been doing some mild modifications and what not, and wanted to change out the gril from the textured black plastic, to one with a chrome surround. Doing so I would need the Chrome trim piece that fits on the front of the hood. At 5 local dealers the price of this trim has been quoted to me at $210-285... I googled a few dealers in the US and made a couple calls and found out that the list price in America is $85.00. Why are Canadians being charged so much more? I would love to spend my money with GM of Canada but it's looking like I'll be ordering parts in from Washington and even Texas and paying less with shipping.
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    And they wonder why the dealers in Canada can't get repeat business! I regularly go to Buffalo to buy my parts and even oil and flters as they can be up to 50% cheaper and no duty or taxes crossing the border if you stayed out for 24 hours. I buy only Mobile 1 EP oil for my baby and the cheapest price in Canada is around $55 a jug with tax, same oil at wally world in Buffalo $28 tax in most of the time if they have it in stock. Cheapest I have ever seen it on sale here in Toronto was $43 tax in and it sold out in minutes.

    I think most dealers in my area must mainly count on warranty work to make money. I know that they constantly send me flyers and emails to try and get me to come in for service, but, even at 50% off it is too pricy. I have found several reputable service shops that work for 1/3 of the dealers labour rate and only charge for the actual hours worked not the book hours which are inflated to beyond belief!
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    hehehhe the cost of Freedom and the government that supplies it to us..... you get use to it after a while.... now figure out that online US shopping and shipping to up here is a little cheaper. Not much.. then factor in the cost of living and minimum wages up here and the dealerships needing to make some profit.. it is really almost the same price as the US price. if you factor in all ......

    I have a hard time finding anything up here for the Topkick, and am left with no option but to bring in stuff from the states..... its not so much a cost thing more then the availability of the stuffs i want....
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    Topkick parts aren't exactly common, here, either. That's primarily because Topkicks aren't common. There is one for sale 2 hours north of me, though. I passed it (parked) alongside the highway last weekend. However, I'd want one with a bed like this one: ;)
  5. tbplus10

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    I posted pics about a year ago of a Top Kick that looked almost exactly like that for sale at a local dealer, the Dealer owned a Ski Resort in Colorado and they had been using the truck up there.
    They were asking $65K for the truck and it had 110K miles on it.
  6. ippielb

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    The prices between USA and Canada were have said to be fixed for the longest time. And i do not see how this is appropriate to have the price differences. Expecially with snowmobiles, $12,000 snowmobile in USA costs $15,000 here in Canada.
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    Guess that would depend on WHERE its built. If its built in the USA its going to be cheaper since dealers have to pay import costs. What those are I dont know but I am sure Canadian customs gets a fee plus and duties and security related charges like scan fees. There is also going to additional shipping cost...this all gets passed on to the consumer.

    I have talked to folks in Canada and other countries who want to get in to HydroGraphics and usually the Import red tape discourages them.
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    I needed a new driver's side mirror (someone knocked it off after a snow storm), $535 in Canada (and I get a discount), $265 in US, guess where I bought it.

    A lot of reasons for the increase, btw, there isn't any duty if it's made in North America; however, there are huge brokerage fees and shipping fees. The markup at the dealer is higher, because the cost of having employees is higher in Canada, the cost of having a building is higher in Canada and the cost of having a business is higher in Canada.
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    I have shipped many parts to the boarder. I have a Sponsor about 30 mins from the Falls that will hold stuff for a week if you want to come over to pick them up. I have also Shipped many Car Audio Amps and speakers up to Canada.. Have you checked if will ship up there?
  10. sstoner911

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    Ya dont worry if we have one more term with our current president we will be right there with you or worse.

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