Canada / USA accessory prices completely out of sync

Discussion in 'Ask GM Customer Service' started by Jper, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. RayVoy

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    It's not all bad, all health care (except the actual prescription) is free to all, heck, our government covers the cost if we are hospitalized in the US. Alcohol and smokes are taxed to help cover health, as both contribute to the increased need for health care. We have few toll roads (our road repair costs are added into the price of gas). No school tax, it's built into the property taxes. Other reasons for the higher costs of Canadian goods, is the increased "social" costs to the employer. Employees want 6 and 8 weeks paid vacation; one year paid (by insurance) maternity leave; a year, or more, paid sick leave; an amount equal to 6% to 12% of employee earnings paid into a retirement fund; etc; etc; etc.

    Oh, and that's along with higher income tax and sales tax.

    It's not all bad, but it's far from good.
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    Your government may pay for your medical,but that money had to come from the tax payers....

    I use to work in the medical field...we had allot of Canadians coming here for treatments they couldn't get or had to wait a long time to get.
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    Yep, nothing is "free", paid by higher personal income tax and higher corporate income tax. The average personal income tax paid, is 40% of income.

    Yep, if it's run by government, it's far from efficient.
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    Try the fact that Ski-doo is made in Canada, but the price is still higher here in canada then in the states.
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    Must be different in the atlantic provinces, because here in Ontario when you buy a home you register yourself as either a public or private (christian roman catholic) school board supporter, and you pay into that school board accordingly through your property taxes. Paid vacation is also a bit different.... at least here in Ontario. Getting 6-8 weeks paid vacation in Ontario... sounds a lot like one of two things: your a Union worker... or you have a fantastic employer. In Ontario, all employees receive two weeks paid vacation, regardless how many years you work for the employer. More vacation time is something that is handled directly by the employer, but Ontario only feels that 2 weeks after a year of employment is more than ample.
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    Ok, you are right, our tax money for education just comes out of the provincial coffers. The property tax probably has a hidden component that covers the cost of education.

    Government requirement is 2 weeks. However, even in Ontario, a lot of employers provide very generous vacation packages. Take a look at all levels of government, banks, utilities, transportation; and, as you said union jobs.

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