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Discussion in 'North America - Canada' started by In2Trux, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. In2Trux

    In2Trux Rockstar

    Hey gang
    If you are in Canada? and your selling something... Wouldn't it be a good idea to put Canadian in the title??
    For example: FS Silverado rims in Canada. and then go on to describe the item and say exactly where in Canada it is.
    Just a thought.

    I'm shopping for a truck. But I don't want to import one from the US. Duty, Currency exchange, broker's fees. you know.

    To save some time, It would be good to be able to identify the Canadian Classified Ads.
    Maybe we could get some Moderator or Administration help on this one.

    TYMBOM Former Member

    The exchange rate is pretty much even now. But yes, I think it is a good idea.:great:

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