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Discussion in 'North America - Canada' started by heywood1231, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. heywood1231

    heywood1231 New Member

    Hey hosers...

    Bought my first 4x4 (99 Tahoe) and I'm looking to replace the tires on it. May go to 265's instead of the 245's but will probably keep the stock wheel for now. Not ready for a lift kit just yet but the tires on it will need replacing soon and I'd like to get something that is a good road/trail compromise.

    Anyone here used a Canadian dealer you'd recommend? Any specific to the Edmonton area (or Alberta in General)?

  2. wheelshot

    wheelshot New Member

    I will suggest u to check for the replacement parts.
  3. Dgrown

    Dgrown New Member

    I've always used Ok Tire on 99th street and around 45ave i believe, fairly knowledgeable staff and good assortment can usually get there hands on what ever your after
  4. Gmcsuvguy

    Gmcsuvguy Rockstar 100 Posts

    I've used the Ok Tire there also, got good prices on tires there, also used to work @ Ron Hodgson in St Albert and we were the number 2 dealer in Canada for tire sales and #2 next to costco. I know Costco will not install tires that are not the same size that are coming off, I bought my BFG All Terrain T/A's there.
  5. poncho08

    poncho08 Rockstar 100 Posts

    im a fountin tire guy my salf us to go to the one on 154th st up on the north side of the city.
  6. Dubsport

    Dubsport New Member

    Wheels Plus 5315 97 st... Todd and Bruce are good honest people! 780 435 0404
  7. Looey

    Looey Rockstar

    I watched a CT tech try to mount a 14" tire on a 15" rim. He was at it for 30 minutes. When I had enough, I told the service manager to have him put the old tires back on my truck. I went to a tire store, and don't use canadian tire for any automotive services.
  8. Tachyon

    Tachyon Rockstar 100 Posts

    Another old post worth keeping up to date for reference purposes

    I've been buying from Kal Tire for years now. Mainly because their prices are good, service is solid, and their warranty is awesome. Plus you can go in to any Kal Tire anywhere for warranty service. They'll even rotate your tires for free as well as patch minor punctures.

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